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Published by caribou creek on 15 Jun 2009

The changes of the seasons

As the seasons change .I have a chance to look back at all i did. No !  I didnt get another white Dall ram this year . It would only take up room in my den. Instead the only white i see is . I have a few more white hairs on my head . Alaskan winters snows are becoming bolder with each year .

Moose season has come and gone leaving me with many thoughts and pictures .Many memories to share with one and all . No moose shot by me this year .Not that i didnt havean honest  chance  .The chance i did give up was for my son. The chance to see my son hunt with me again is priceless .To follows me thought a stalk to 35 yds .Only to lay my hand on his shoulder to stop him . The look in his eyes knowing  i was right  . It was late night, long distance from camp ,bears .I knew my son had followed my thoughts as only a son could .He knows my heart . A true son .

Seasons changes gives us all time to reflect on friends and family .

Besides hunting i love to fish .My real love is fly fishing ,My best times are teaching my family to fly fish .I taught my wife to fly fish .It was easy to teach her to drive my truck . I taught her to build her own fly rods and ties flies. That was simple part . Now take her to remote pond some wherer she would have no problems with back cast .She could form her loop and forward cast  on an open beaver pond .While standing on dam  This would be great place. Plus good trout fishing all year round . Plentyof open space {it was like beating a bee with broom handle at first } My wife picked up the cast very well .Plus with time she will practice to become a very good fisherperson .

I taught my wife to catch the big king salmon. Her first was  39#. Very proud lady .Turning to me to say that I should give her my rod and reel ! I dont think so –Telling her ,You give a man a fish you feed him for life ! teach him to fish he will feed himself . Good words of wisdom.Meaning you buy build your own rod and buy a good reel . lesson learned ? I not cold hearted .Get  things the same way i did . Work for it ! 

My thoughts go back in time .My freind called me saying his family was in town .They had a great time in alaska .Even though they tried to catch a  king salmon their time was getting short ,The flight was red eye to salt lake city  Asking if i could help them to catch at least one king ?

Off we drive to a place i love to fish for kings . A  place really to many people know about for my taste  .After casting a few lines . I catch nice king . In alaska in some areas you may keep only one king salmon .My day was finished . I just sit on bank of river watching .With a few hooks and line i found along river i could tie a few lines . I would hang them in the trees behind me .People would walk by asking if i sold these hooks . Iam not one to upset any one by turning down a $ each .

My freinds son tried ever so hard to catch a king . I could only talk to him tel ing him what he may do diffrently . After a few hours no one there would remembered me catching my king and filled my tag .What would it hurt to cast a line to try to hook a king ? On the third cast i had a king . Handing him my rod . Saying please dont break it .This fish was a heavy fighter .The fight lasted an hour . When he got the fish close to shore i netted it . Only now i can see that this fish was huge ! Not as big as the smile on this young mans face to catch a mighty alaskan king salmon .

I had made his day ,No his whole vacation ! We drove back to town where we scaled in this fish for 75#.  What a catch for a young man that had never seen any thing this big in his life . After pictures they loaded up for trip to airport to finish their long journey home after one week enjoying what i take for granted here .


One week passes and i get this phone call from my freind ,Late at night  the kind of phone calls one doesnt want to answer in fear of the worst ,My freinds told me the worst had happened ,His son came home from work late one night  kneeling at his bed side for evening prayers and died . S ad for my freinds loss , Feeling for my freind loss .I have lost many parts of my family ,

I was given a picture of his son in his greatest moment holding this salmon 4 ft off the ground as he floated in glory of his catch .The picture is treasured by me and i keep it close  know that every heart beat we are given can be taken away the same way .

I maybe a hipocrite at times or maybe just like to think i am ?y wife has bought her own fishing gear .She has gone on to become a good fisherperson. she and i are no longer together. She will hold these memories of being taught to  fish or building her own rods. Maybe i was right to hand my freinds son my rod and reel .We never know what moment we changes lifes of others …..Some how we all know the right moment to see changes of the seasons .

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Published by PAArcheryMan on 15 Jun 2009

Attaching a Drop Away Rest

I just bought a G5 dropaway rest. I don’t know how to serve the pull cable. Any suggestions would be a great help. There are no archery shops within 25 miles of where I live.

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Published by caribou creek on 15 Jun 2009

I’m not a cowboy– I just found the hat !

As we grow up in life .From the day we are born to the day we die .We find that life comes to full circle.

In my youth things were hard . my fathers lack of work, h]Heavy drinker .My parents couldnt afford to keep me at home. Plus i ran away from home at early age to keep from being beat by my drunk father . I ran away to alaska .Places where there were no maps . Places yet mapped only seen by natives and gold miners of old .

I had worked with horse all my life .You could say from ground up !My aunt and uncle raised appalossa horses and cattle in southern arizona ,I worked hard from sun up to sun down .We worked cattle around Bisbee, Douglas and Tomstone .Chaseing cattle back acrossed the border from mexico picking up a few donkeys along the away . Even today you will see wild donkeys in area watering with the wild life. The ranch is gone now ,So my stories starts from there . These are my roots.

I ran away to alaska very young .I found myself working in fall months for guides and spring/summer in construction .I lived out of town .building a life for myself with only trade i knew –Horses ! I had collected a good string of horses and mules  All giving me good service .I packed in supplies for guides and miners .Mostly guides.  I could work my horses all fall packing .

I had 23 horses and 2 jenny mules  Each horse knew it’s  job . My mare would lead out the string . All would follow . What a life for a young man with horse ‘s .Free and easy !

This one time i had packed in my horses and two hunters for guide i worked for . Into area known as the Wood river .Deep in the alaska range .Horse back only area . Great hunting  for moose ,caribou and sheep . Late fall would be best time for my hunters .

We rode into area .Set up camp .Very long day . Rideing was hard on horses also .I hobbled out horses . letting  my mules range free that night. Knowing they would stay close . Also they would  make lots of noises if bears were close .

My one jenny was in heat . I didnt feel it was going to effect our trip the way it did. The first morning up with the sun . looking out the tent .I see a large bull moose . Hey guys ! Who wants this moose ?  My jenny had a boy friend she brought him home to meet dad.Hunter had his moose .Now we needed  one more moose .

Camp fire .open fire meal .good stroies told .Horse tied out for the night ,All was well . Alaska can be beautiful in the fall .fall colors .night lights .Sounds of wolves howling .Day was done

Next morning up again with the sun  Out the wall tent was another bull moose .With my jenny mule ! Just a bit futher away out this time .Maybe gun shy by this time . My judas mule had another boy friend .The other hunter filled his tag . Boy !  Iam thinking this is an easy hunt .I could be home early and ready for two more hunters .Outfitting can be good money .You most work all you can in fall .Or money can be short and winters long .

W e hunt the next day for caribou and filling both tags .I had left a few horses in camp with my mules .when we got back to camp my jenny was gone .I walked out to find her . She had yet another boy friend .She couldnt be caught this time , Not even grain !. Look at it this way your daughter comes home with new boy freind and he gets shot .she wouldnt bring home any more to meet ole dad !

We packed up  leaving for the road .My mule was still there left behind .she would not follow the rest . At the road i left meat and supplies with old sourdough with message to catch my mule and call me to pick her up .

Fall season was a pretty good one .I had plenty of work.The horses were tired and needed winter pastures. I loaded up 3 good horses and headed back to hunt for my winter meat supplies and wanting to catch my mule .I trailed into an old hunting camp site .looking for my lost mule .I found the signs –The writing was on the walls .I would miss her.I found what was left of her .wolves had cleaned up the remains .I would miss her .I never did ever buy another mule to replace her ,some things are just left alone .Time moves on .I left for the  service .Leaving my horse in good hands .I was dicharged early and came home to the same way of life .Only this time i would have a pilots license and aviation mechical  experiance.I work winters as turbine mech and fall as outfitter. I homesteaded 160 acres and got married .Not bad way of life for a runaway boy with only a dream to come to alaska .

One day i was watching my horses feed in the fields  These horses are in better shape than my family . They were better cared for .So i sold them all and moved to town . My horse days were over ! It was a good life. Some times like now .I look back at the youth of my past. I can see myself packing over the mountain passes fresh snow . …..Iam older now maybe wiser …My youth is gone .My spirit Is still stronger with my age .Weather beaten hands ,skin baked in the sun .I wear a rain slicker , And yes this old cowboy hat –But Iam not a cowboy .I just found the hat !

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Published by tanner on 14 Jun 2009

Northern Triple Crown IBO Shoot

This weekend I was at the second leg of the
northern triple crown and met Jason the owner
of Athens Archery products and some of his
great employes. Their bows and products
are all machined in the USA and are the top
of the line products! They have my vote on
Bow Hook for being the number one bow accessory
of the year!!! They all were very friendly and
know their product inside and out… cause
they design and make all their products.
Thanks and it was nice to meet you guys.


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Published by caribou creek on 13 Jun 2009

Do you feel your tree stand is tall enough?

For many years here in Alaska i have baited black bears each spring . In Alaska Black bears are the only bears that can be baited . Grizzlies and brown bears do come into baits. Over the years ive changed my bear hunting to calling with Wayne Cartons game calls .I can hunt longer into season. Baiting has a very short season here.

Many people still bait here.  I talk to them after spring baiting to find where the grizzlies /brown bears are seen. Good tips of areas to hunt grizzlies .

One after noon I received a phone call from a friend to come down to local archery shop to see a video of his last hunt over bait –Way cool ! It is good to see old freinds after long winter months for a good chat over coffee .This time it was  a video of  a hunt .

The hunt was on a small river north of wasilla.  A good stream for salmon fishing –You guessed it and bears ! The bait used was old donuts , dog food covered with honey wax . On  hot day this would smell very good to a hungry bear.  All mixed up in a 35 gal barrel hanging from tree . The bait had been hit many times right around 5 pm each night . My freind Had talked another freind into going with him to bait stand .Both afraid of bears period tobe  filming  from tree stand about 10 ft off the ground –You would feel safe there ?   Maybe –Read on.

The opening of the film shows trip into area . Bear sign ,moose ,berrie picking and just good fun with freind picking on him about bears around every bush. Both talking about how safe they would be from tree stand . Maybe ????  You can never tell about alaskan bears . Read on The drama starts to unfold .

Both are talking to each other trying to conviince the other it would be safe . Funny stuff . If you were to knew these two  guys. You would know they both are scared of bears.  They really have no business trying to shot a  bear with bow much less a rifle . None the less they have a 416 rigby rifle for back up ?? under bowed ? or over rifled ? You pick one ?

They fill bait barrel, Then climb up tree to stand .Which is a home made stand from and old pallet  the wood creaks and mouns. But not as much as these two guys tryng to help each other up the tree . Funny stuff to be watching and knowing these two as freinds .

They wer in tree stand about 30 minutes when first bear comes in . Small bear real nervous .Small bears wanting bo feed in areas known for big bears. they can be real flighty . Big bears eat little bears ! You can hear one of the guys nameing this bear and joking . Great video shoots of small bear . Then the bear runs off real fast . Next shows a little bigger bear comeing in . This bears is real jumpy . He doesntwnat to  feed. Just runs off . The next bear comes in ,This is nice bear ,no rubs ,perfect pelt /hide . A keeper . This is why baiting works so well here to be selective of prime boars Bears that have added to gene pool and lived a good life .

This 4 year old bear starts to feed. When the shot is right you see arrow hit the mark . Perfect placement heart /lung .The bear turns and runs off {all on video now } right into the jaws of a brown bear comeing into  bait stand to feed off the bait . An added bonus of a black bear. The camera is still filming watching this all happen so quickly .

Hers the part of the film you are on the edge of your seat .The bait can is 5 ft off ground . This brown bear is on all fours with head stuck into bait can feeding .I didnt understand why this bear was feeding on dog food when he had fresh meat to eat .Only thing to be made of thi was . The bear knew these  guys were in the tree .maybe just wanting  a looking to see . The tree stand is creaking loudly was another reason for bear to come over to bait .

You hear safety snap off of rifle. This small sqeaky voice is saying to other companion –I Dont the think the tree stand is tall enough? . You see this bear wonder off to his kill . Dragging  it off to feed alone . We watched this video many times over.  The brown bear was over 9 .5 ft  and easely been able to look  at these guys in a tree stand eye to eye .The bear is gone and the guys leave posty hasty .At this point of watching this film –You need to ask your self one question –Is your tree stand tall enough ?  or   How much TP will you use to clean your pants with ?

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Published by caribou creek on 12 Jun 2009

Do bear do it in the woods ? {poop that is }

Today i was asked the age old question ! Do bears poop in the woods ? After many years of study .I have seen or step in a few of them .

My studies include facts .plus samples of bear poop . All documented as real smelly and coated with red pepper spray .Oh  yes!  a few little silver bells  

One time i left 5 -50# bags of dog food in the back of my truck after a long trip to town.  figureing that i could haul them to cabin in the morning ,wrong ! Next morninmg after the bears had eaten their fill they pulled out the rear window of my truck where there was a package of donuts –My bad , Now we all know better than to feed bears ? Right !

Their thank you for dog food . Plus  fresh donuts. Was a big pile of bear poop in my front seat .First study of bears dont poop in the woods .

One early morning at my cabin after a quick breakfast .We left to watch moose .later the day we came back to find that bears had broken into the window of cabin .breaking up counter tops and cupboards . Cleaning out all the shelfs of all goodies. Sampling every thing what was good ,The rest they  pee’d on .one great big mess !

I think the adkins diet fad was in full swing that year ,After a free breakfast . It waas time to see where there was a good place to sleep.Up stairs they found all my down sleeping bags ripped them up in middle of floor .There they slept till they could hear us comeing home {I asumed }Their thank you for free meal ,lodgeing was a number of big piles of poop in ther middle of the beds .2nd study of the bowel movements of the wild alaskan bears.

Walking out of the mountains after a long hike for Dall sheep ,It was to dark to get back to trail head . So i pitched my tent .Next morning Iam up with the sun .Down to lake for well needed bath {after hikeing for 4 days after sheep one can be a little ripe .}I finished my cold bath in the lake .Walking back to tent for fresh cloths .too late ! A  black bear had torn down my tent .pooping all over every thing. even my clean cloths.  3rd study of poop habits of bears-Long story short .the bear is now a rug in my den that will teach him to mess with me .It may be to much for some one to read this .I did shoot the bear while in the nude .real meanings of bear hunting !

So after many years of studies of bear poop and bowel movemnet s .I found that bears dont use charmin toilet paper as we see on tv .They will eat any thing and what they cant eat they– poop on ! When they have a sleep over at a local cabin ,They feel to home there. After a pillow fight or two after sleeping for hours  they wake up to poop all over and leave {i never caught these guys –I have seen thier poop many times } these guys are baiting me for next raid of my cabin .I figure that if i was to find a bear den. I would show them that i can party just like them in their homes.

In the height of my studies others were becomeing interested in my stuies also .Many started their own studies .One thing we had in common was the same experances .So studies like these had to be scienific .I wrote theasus on the subject .Not haveing a degree in animal science . Iwas at a lost .Only to be questioned by others so called experts of animal biology.{I would like to think they  full of poop !

One day I was reading anchorage news paper .Head line read “Do bear do it in the woods ?”–No they dont !  One of the so called experts and rivel poop studiers {Fish and game } Had proven to the world what i had been trying to for years .The one thing i didnt have were pictures to show proof of bear bowel movements .The officer had  pictures of a black bear cub that had fallin into an out house .Two beady eyes and a sh–t eating grin had .proved that it was a bear

Now when reading news papers we asume that reporters are right and tell the truth at all times ?a right ! Believe what you may .I still believe that bears dont poop in the woods ,Well! when was the last time you stepped into a fresh pile on the trail to your deer stand ?. Or seen how close they come to your camp at night .only to leave a fresh pile for you to step into bear footed on a late night run to the bushes for you to find ?

If so i dare you to prove me wrong !

My studies still go on .I will prove to the world that bears dont poop in the woods My story will continue .I would like to thank my freinds goldilocks and her freinds for helping me all these years in my studies .the names of the bears have been changed to protect from the extintion of species. To help solve globel warming issues ,A fresh steamy pile of bear poop does put off a lot of  steam .

As you read this please remember the song –Dont go out into the woods tonight !

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Published by RightWing on 10 Jun 2009

Morning Meeting ………

I walked down the gravel road in the pre-dawn stillness , the first frost of the year lay sparsely on the layer of leaves that littered the ground along my travel route. I could make out the shapes of feeding deer under an old Southern Pin Oak in a clearing just ahead of the point that the gravel road intersected a logging path that leads to my stand sight.I am certain that these deer saw me enter the wood, but it is early in the season and the hunting pressure has been light, besides it couldn’t be avoided.

I finally reach my tree and attach my climber. Thoughts start to fill my head as I ascend to my lofty, elevated perch. Thoughts of past hunts and seasons gone by, some of which had long days spent in this very tree. With all my gear, placed in its own location in the adjacent limbs, I caught movement of a fat young doe gracefully walking along the path, that in moments will lead her a mere twelve yards of my elavated seat. After several minutes, the fat two-year old deer made the final steps placing her squarely into the shooting lane. I placed my site pin tight behind her shoulder and touched the release, she bounded a few yards ahead then turned looking back at the noise totally unaware of what had taken place. The doe steps forward a couple of more paces then fell to her side almost underneath my tree.

I spend the next several minutes watching two playful squirrels. The squirrels would chase each other around and around a thick barked limb of an old White Oak tree. Earlier ,the doe seemed to have been making her way toward that exact tree . The doe was now laying  still on the damp forest floor as I decend from my natural overlook. Reaching the deer, I place my tag onto the sleek robust animal, once again thoughts fill my mind about past hunts as well as looking forard to the ones to come. Sure I have harvested bigger deer and have had more exciting hunts, but today I have provided my family with tender delicious venison. I thanked the good lord and began the process of gathering my gear . I will be back another day. 🙂

Written by:
Jason Wilborn                          Allons,  Tennessee

Jason, lives in Allons TN and enjoys bowhunting and competing in archery events throughout Tennessee and surrounding states. Jason is also a National Bowhunter Education IBEP/NBEF Instructor and a member of the Christian Bowhunters of America

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Published by RightWing on 05 Jun 2009

Beetles and Bowhunting

Jason Wilborn

Beetles and Bowhunting……

What was I thinking? Here I am hot, bruised, and bleeding, trying to figure the quickest and easiest path to get out of this mess. O.K., let me explain my problem here. It started out a beautiful mid spring morning, the kind of day custom made to take a nice long nature walk. I decided to go to a place that I had visited several years before on Dale Hollow lake. A short drive to the entrance of the Accordion Trail located near the famed Willow Grove Resort on the Tennessee side of the lake started my journey. This trail runs from Willow Grove to Lillydale camping area, both very popular recreational areas on Dale Hollow.
I made my way through the hardwoods very easily, as the trail meandered along the lake’s edge. I would soon find this to not be the case as I work my way along the trail. Here is where the fun begins, halfway around the trail I started to find fallen trees. The farther I go the more deadfalls I find. These were Pine trees and the fallen trunks made for difficult walking. It was soon obvious that this was not going to be the pleasurable walk that I had anticipated. I soon found myself in a near impenetrable pile of dead pine trees. It was clear at this point that I should have asked more about the trail before taking this hike. The trip around this small section of the lake should have taken around one hour to complete, but with the added obstacles it was more like three. I was finally able to climb, crawl and scratch my way over and through the fallen fauna. Occasionally I would take a break and try to enjoy myself, despite the unwanted pitfalls that I had encountered. It was during these periods of rest that I made the discoveries that lead me to the reason for writing this story.

The large areas of fallen trees had really opened the canopy of the surrounding woods. There where some areas that looked very similar to the way a portion of logged woods would look. The extra sunlight that now made its way to the forest floor caused a surge in growth of green shoots from young hardwoods and bushes. Some of these included valuable deer browse such as young greenbrier, honeysuckle, hearts-a-bursting and other woody plants. Young honey locust trees, as well as young mast bearing trees now received considerably more sunlight and thus flourished. This was a special find on this public tract of land. The substantial plant life and new structure provided excellent cover and food for whitetail and what had began as a brisk nature walk now turned into a preseason scouting trip.

In early September, with just a few weeks left till archery season I made one final scouting trip to the area. My suspicions were confirmed when a jumped several bedded deer, which took very little time retreating from the area. Not to worry, as I knew they would return, because the place had everything a whitetail needs security, subsistence, and with the lake nearby, water.

Early bow season found me hunting my old familiar haunts. The agricultural edges and woodlots that I have hunted and harvested deer at for years, however the little sanctuary stayed on my mind and I vowed that when activity at my usual hotspots subsided, that I would return to it and try my fortune. My chance came in late October after coming back home from a bow hunt in Southeastern Missouri and after filling my Kentucky deer tags earlier in the season. I made my approach quietly through the calm morning water. A dense fog lay heavy on the lake and surrounding woods. It was still archery season in Tennessee and the deer had not received very much hunting pressure at this point. I tied up my boat in a nearby hollow and entered the woods.

I was able to find a suitable white oak tree to attach my stand and soon was looking over a nice opening in the tangle of trees and vines. From this vantage point I could see several small rubs on the remaining pine saplings. This observation was cut short when I noticed movement to my right, a mature doe and her yearling fawn nibbled away at the leaves of some scrubby looking bush. They were unaware of my presence and soon fed on lichen that covered a decaying log before leaving. The shot presentation was tempting, but with a freezer full of venison, I elected to just enjoy the two deer as the feed out of sight. Throughout the morning I saw several other deer, including some small bucks that moved past my elevated position. I never harvested a deer that morning, but I had proven my theory about the newly created habitat. I will return next year to see how much those young bucks have grown and if I haven’t been as fortunate as I was this year, I might look at harvesting one of those plump does for the freezer. As I layout plans for next bow season, I will include this little spot in my rotation.

Once again through nature’s destructive ways something new has emerged and I couldn’t be happier then the day I found a little overlooked section of trail now clogged with fallen trees. With the pine beetles came destruction, but somehow the deer and the Bowhunter have taken advantage of the situation.

Written By:  Jason Wilborn                                Allons,  Tennessee

Jason, lives in Allons TN and enjoys bowhunting and competing in archery events throughout Tennessee and surounding states. Jason is also a National Bowhunter Education IBEP/NBEF Instructor and a member of the Christian Bowhunters of America



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Published by admin on 03 Jun 2009

Aspirin Buster heads for 25 year Milestone by frank addington, jr.


Aspirin Buster heads for 25 year milestone
                                                                                       by frank addington, jr.

2010 will mark a milestone in my shooting career.  It will mark exactly 25 years on stage.  It doesn’t seem like that much time has gone by.   It seems like yesterday the late Rev. Stacy Groscup was tossing a PEPSI can into mid air and challenging me to hit it.  I hit the can and that very day he put me in front of an audience shooting at targets.  I’ve always been very proud to be considered his protege’. 

Over the years I have kept every single bow I’ve used on stage.  In that amount of time I’ve went through some bows!  I have all of them and most are displayed in order at my parent’s retail archery shop.  There’s an old Bear Kodiak, which was the first recurve I used on stage.  Fred Bear sent me an identical one that’s a special blonde colored wood that he hand signed.  He was tickled that a kid could shoot aspirins from mid air with one of his bows.  I never did tell Fred I didn’t have the nerve to string it.  As a matter of fact it’s laying 12″ from my hands as I type these words.  I keep it on my desk as a reminder of my old friend.

From 1986 until 2003 I used Hoyt bows.  I have a variety of models.  Most of my bows are blue but a few are different colors.  These bows are like old friends and when I look at each model I am reminded of shows I did or events that took place at that time. I am a packrat and it just seemed natural to keep these bows.  Some I liked better than others. At least one of these was a prototype, one of the early machine riser models.  I am reminded of some of the folks I answered to while shooting for Hoyt, here are some names, sorry if I leave anyone out… Joe Johnston traveled with me and Jim Wynne once and he was the President of Hoyt/Easton at the time we had a great time with the boss traveling with us, I answered to Bill Krenz, Jack Lyons, Eric Dally, and Mike Luper.  There’s one or two names I forget but over that 17 year period I had some great people to work with that meant alot to me.

I have used a SKY recurve since 2004, a blue one I call, for lack of a better name, “ole Blue”.  This bow has been a great bow.  This bow has some miles on it—from coast to coast several times.  I guesstimate we’ve done over 500 exhibitions together in the last six years.  I plan to retire ole Blue in June 2009.  I used this bow for some very special shows.  I was a surrogate speaker for President George Bush in 2004 and used this bow to do a show on his behalf at a campaign event in Oregon.  I also did a private show for country singer Toby Keith with this bow.   In March 2007 I hit three baby aspirin in mid air—with three arrows—behind the back— when Chuck Adams introduced the show in Indianapolis.  The bow & I got a standing ovation for that same shot a few months later at the 2007 National Pope & Young Convention.  So needless to say this is a very special bow to me.  I appreciate Kevin Stay and Jon Gauthier at Sky for all they’ve done for me.  I have two Mathews prototype recurves from last year that are in the collection.  At last word the bow doesn’t have a name but whatever it is I have two of them!  I believe there are less than 15 of these outside the factory.

I have two longbows in this collection of bows, one of the original SKY longbows Earl Hoyt signed for me when he owned the company and the very first SKY bow to leave the Mathews factory.  This was by accident.  Matt McPherson gave me the bow out of the Mathews booth during the 2004 ATA Show.  He hand signed it and I was leaving the booth with it when one of the Mathews employees came running after me.  “Frank, wait… you can’t have that bow.  We’ll send you one…” was the response.  I smiled, pointed at Matt, and said, “That red headed guy there just gave this one to me.”   That was the end of that.

The cool thing about all my bows is that my father has set up every single bow since I was four years old.  He’s made most of my arrows and hand tuned every show bow I have ever had.  I’ve since learned how to do it but still have him do it.  There’s alot of father-son time in these bows.  He would tune them, I’d shoot them, and then he’d watch me and fine tune them.  It’s great to have such a good “pit crew” behind you.  Like the late Dale Earnhardt, when something goes wrong with a bow at a show and Pop’s not there, I can use duct tape, super glue or dental floss to fix it until I get the bow home.  He hand makes my special rests and this is a very time consuming ordeal.  Thanks Pop.

I have not kept many of  my compound bows over the years and there are some special ones I miss.  I had an old Onieda H-500 in the mid 1980’s that was a shooting machine.  I have had some great shooting Hoyt compounds too.  Most are the long finger shooting models since I am an instinctive shooter that likes a good finger bow.  I’ve had some Mathews bows I enjoyed too.  But I seldom get attached to the compound bows the way I am to my stage bows.  I make a living with them.  The other bows are recreational.  I usually keep the compound a year or so and then sell it.  I’ve shot PSE, Martin, Darton, Hoyt/Easton, Bear, Jennings, Hoyt USA, Mathews, and Onieda compounds over the years.

I have a few recurves that I’ve never used that I like.  One is a special NUGE BOW that Bill Wiesner had made for me.  I understand there are three, he has one, Ted Nugent has one and mine is the third.  It’s a special version of the Renegade bow in snakeskin camo and is hand signed by Bill and Ted.  They made it as a compound but Bill had three take down recurves made.  This is a cool bow and folks enjoy looking at it.  Like Fred’s bow, I have never strung it. 

Most of my show bows on display are old, beat up, well worn bows.  To some they may look like flea market material but to me there’s a million memories with each particular bow.

Sometime I plan to write an article about some of my sidekicks I’ve had the last 25 years.  Talk about funny, there are some stories there that will have you falling off your chair with laughter.  I’ll try and get around to that soon.  In the meantime, thanks for allowing me to ramble over some of the bows I’ve used in my stage shows the past 24 years.  As 2010 rolls around I will be bringing some new shots to my show to spice it up for this milestone.  I am excited to make a living at a sport I love.  It’s been a great time and I hope to be on the road another 25 years at least!  2010 will mark my 39th year in archery and you’d think I’d be sick and tired of the sport. 

As the great John Wayne used to say, “Not hardly…”

Thanks for reading my column.  Until next time, Adios & God Bless.

Shoot Straight,
Frank Addington, Jr.


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Published by Randall on 03 Jun 2009

Martin Pantera cams needed

dscn0649I am looking for some modules for a Martin Pantera bow (pro series 7000), It has a 29 inch draw length now,  I need a 27 inch draw length. I have been told that it is the “XL” cam system number 10 that I need.  Please email me at :[email protected] if you have a pair for sale, or any info.   Thanks

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