There have been a few comments from people asking how to post an article, so I will explain it here…


  • In order to write any articles, you must first register with ArcheryTalk Blogs & Articles. You can either click on the “Join Now” link on the top of the page, or click on the “register” on the home page of the site (its located toward the bottom of the links under “USERS”).
  • The register page will ask you for a user name and an email address. Once you click register, an email will be sent to you that will have your password to get into the site.
  • The email that was sent to you will have a link to the login page. Click the link, then type in your user name and the password that was given to you.
  • After you have logged in, you will now see what is called the “Dashboard”. This area is where you will be able to write articles. On the ArcheryTalk Blogs & Articles page, you will get back to this area by clicking on “site admin” located just under the “USERS” link on the front page or by clicking the “Write” link at the top of the site.
  • When you are in the “Dashboard”, to write a new article for the site, click on “Add New” under the Post section on the right of the screen.
  • Now you can start writing your article. Give it a Title, and don’t forget to type in some tags so that users can find your article when you search for topics (example: hunting, photography, tree stand, good times). Once you have typed in some tags, choose the categories which your article falls under (located in the next box under “Tags”).
  • You can publish your article right away buy hitting the “Publish” button in the grey box on the right, or you can save a draft of it so that you can continue working on it later (handy when your writing lengthy articles).
  • Once you hit “Publish” you will see a message at the top that says, “Your post has been saved.” When you click on “View Post” it will take you to the ArcheryTalk Articles & Blogs website and will show you your newly published article.
  • At anytime in the Dashboard, you can click on “View Site” located next to the ArcheryTalk Articles & Blogs title to go to the main website.


Hopefully This Helps,
P.S. Please comment if you need to know anything else.