Over the years I have watched our beloved bowhunting turn into something other than what I believe it should be. It seems to me that for many it has become work rather than recreation. I personally believe that any deer with a bow is an accomplishment, but for many if it isnt a 160″+  buck then you haven’t done anything. Ninety five percent of the hunting shows on TV will only show the host harvesting large deer. I have actually had people tell me in a forum that I should not have shot that six point because he wasnt mature. It seems that the only acceptable deer to shoot anymore are the “Giants”.

Well, I for one disagree. I am not saying that if you want to practivce QDM on your own land that you shouldn’t. However do not think that because you do, every one else should. If a big buck walks in front of me then I will be more than happy to send an arrow through him. However if 1.5 year old six point makes the same mistake then he is in just as much danger as the big boy.

I love hunting “deer” It doesnt matter what size or sex. They all taste good! But it just seems that the hunting community as a whole is leaning toward “I have to shoot a big boy” in order to prove my hunting ability, no matter what the cost. It is getting to where the average guy “me” cant’ find a place to hunt because the properties are all leased out to Paying Customers. The sport as a whole has become more expensive. And the average guy has a hard time getting into the sport because of cost.

Maybe its just me but it seems to have gone this way since television started airing hunting programs. All the hosts are shooting giant bucks so that must be the norm… right? Maybe I am way off base but I just think that all the emphasis that is being put on taking large bucks is hurting our sport.

What do you think??