As the cold, windy Indiana winter begrudgingly gives way to a cold, wet, windy spring I sit inside thinking how great it would be to be outside practicing my shooting, shed hunting, scouting, hiking, etc.  Then I realize that none of those things are going to happen today, but at least I can hone my list of 2008 goals for when the weather breaks.  Below are the top things I want to achieve in 2008:


1.     Shoot four inch six arrow groups out to sixty yards – I have been flirting with this achievement for several years now so why not get it done and mark it off the list

2.     Have all of my stands set by August 1 – usually it is done by labor day but in 2007 it didn’t get done until a week before the season started, and as a result I was mad at myself all season; no more self loathing this year

3.     Get a trail camera photo of each of the two bruiser bucks that I have been chasing for a while – even though I have seen each only once, I know for sure that putting either on my wall would be a dream come true

4.     Be in the buddy stand when my daughter gets her first shot on a deer – she has been close but it hasn’t quite come together yet; she is due for a harvest and I am overdue for some braggin’

5.     Put a bow-taken coyote hide up on the wall – I am getting closer and this will be my year; my determination and the booming coyote population tells me so

6.     Tell my wife how much I appreciate her putting up with my outdoor obsessions – it is never easy on the person left at home and I owe it to her to show her my appreciation

7.     Fill the freezer with four deer; my family eats enough deer meat to go through one every three months so four will keep me stocked until the next season starts

8.     Have one of those bruisers so figured out that I will know where he sleeps, where he eats and even when he goes to the bathroom; I will be so in his head that I will feel like I have hooves

9.     Be in my stand opening morning with predator vision, calm nerves, razor sharp broadheads and superb form when Mr. Big cruises by right in front of my stand

10. Enjoy the season with the great victories, the heartfelt defeats and all of the beauty in between