Fanboys are zealots and zealots are rarely fun to be around. I’ve read fanboy comments all over the net and I am so tired of it.”Bow maker A is better than B because B just sucks” is what I see. Is it possible that the fanboys mentality is chasing people away from online discussion forums? I think it is.

How many pro shooters and hunters have you seen leave a forum because a fanboy was disrespectful and rude? Im sure we all have seen it once or twice. I for one grow weary of the Bowtech vs Mathews fanboys. I see your lips moving but all I hear is blah blah blah! Grow up people this isnt the 80s anymore. Bows are not status symbols. If you have issues with your mother or the your other “shortcomings” then get professional help!

I doubt very seriously that any bow tuned right and in good working order will shoot an arrow any less accurate than any other. The target or animal never asks what bow was used to hit the X or make the kill. I’ve never seen a practiced up archer with a professional tuned bow say,” well if this wasnt brand A and was brand B, that arrow would have hit where I aimed!! ”

I believe the source of this self centered mentality is an inferiorority complex. That bow from brand A makes you feel better about yourself apparently. If it didnt then when brand B owner criticized your bow maker you wouldnt have a need to get hostile and defend it. If someone says my bow sucks, I say well, it hits where I aim and the blood trail is just as red as it would be if I used brand B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K or Z.

Bottom line is, GET OVER YOURSELF AND SHOW SOME RESPECT TO YOUR FELLOW HUNTER/ARCHER ya never know who is watching or reading. Your pettyness may cost that maker you are a fanboy of to lose a sale. I know of one company I will not buy from because of the fanboys who shoot there products. Its crazy but its the truth. Carry on and have a nice day y’all!!!!!!!