Anyone else think archery is getting to be a rich mans sport? Well it is, but it can still be enjoyed by us po folks.

Fancy new bows can run well over a grand. A guided hunt on prime land can cost $3500 or more. Camo can run as much as $300 or more for some coveralls and a coat. This can be a real discouragement to people who want to start hunting with a bow.

I know it seems hard, but bowhunting can be fun and not break your budget. I have found great ready to hunt bows on ebay for under $200. It takes time but it can be done. Names like Golden Eagle,PSE,Jennings and Bear are a few to look for. You dont need a $1000 bow rig to take a deer. It takes well placed shot to do it and that takes practice. Good accessories and gear can be found reasonably priced also.

Ebay has great deals but you have to look for them. Wal Mart sells decent camo and accessories too. A useable target runs about $15 at wal mart. I have purchased good warm clothing for well under $50 and I didnt freeze my butt off wearing it.

My advice on finding good land is to either find public land or drive around your area and stop by some local farms and ask nicely if you can hunt there. You’ll hear alot of NOs but eventually someone will say yes. Remember be respectful and take care if the land. It will gauranty that you will be allowed back next season. I have found that if you offer some of what you take to the land owner then they trust you more and let you hunt next season.

So if you are interested in bowhunting and are worried about it costing your 1st born child then stop. It can be done on a small budget. I am far from rich and I am able to bow hunt. It takes patience and practice. Remember the indians didnt have a $1000 bowtech rig. Enjoy what GOD gave you and dont worry about what you dont have.