Recently I came up with a brilliant idea to make a little extra cash and give back to the bow world. I decided to start my own bowshop. I’ve always had a great passion for shooting bow and working on my own bow. I figured why not extend this passion into a way of giving back. It’s been about two months now since I’ve done some minor advertising as well as putting my name out there via word of mouth. I’ve had a total of two clients so far and have been brainstorming more ideas of how to spread the word. My second and most recent client has promised me more business in the future. He recently purchased a bow on eBay and is waiting to get. He wants me to set it up for his brother in law. With each passing day at a job I truly do love (bridge construction), I day dream about someday owning a successful bowshop where I can quit my back breaking job for my first true love. Please wish me luck as I continue a day to day adventure.I promise I’ll keep you posted and someday hopefully will be able to tell you about my interactions with a national champion archer. Here’s to big hopes and dreams.