Two nights ago I went to my local range to practice for the local 3D league that will be starting this coming week. Now this isn’t a first time visit for me, as a matter of fact, I am more like a permanent fixture there on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. These two nights I leave from work and go down there to meet my friends and do some social shooting. Reason I call it social shooting is that we never keep score or do anything serious like that. It is always just for fun. Most of the time there is just as much laughing going on as there is shooting.


Now seeing that this is my local range, I know a lot of the people that come and shoot there. Like other places though there aren’t too many ranges in the area so we get quite a few people coming in from out of town to shoot as well. Especially on days when the weather is bad because there are so few indoor ranges around.


Now it is human nature not to trust people you don’t know, but I have noticed one thing about archers when it comes to meeting new people. You could call it the common denominator so to speak. It’s that string and stick that we hall around. No matter how you look at it we all use a string and stick to fling arrows. Some sticks might just be a bit more technologically advanced than others. As soon as we notice the bow case or bow that the person is bringing in with them something seems to signal to us that it’s all good and we can relax. I can’t tell you the number of times I have started up a conversation with the question, “What kind of bow you shooting?” or “Nice looking set up, how does it shoot?” and then went on talking for hours while we continued to shoot. In fact I have met some of the nicest people and very good friends just from circumstances just like these.


So the next time you are at your range or even at someone else’s, keep in mind that we all have that one thing in common. A stick and string that bind us together and make us all one big family.