Hello everyone and welcome to my boring life. I’ve decided to start this blog for a few reasons. First and formost I feel it will give me more incentive to practice more and better than I have been. I think by sharing my daily practice routines along with things i learn in that process, and any other exiting happenings in my life will help keep me motivated. Second it is my hope that this blog can and will become a portal of knowledge where I can share what I know to hopefully help others learn, while at the same time recieving feedback from others on what I’m doing so that I can learn from you as well. Third so that I can read back over my progress through out the year and use this information to keep myself moving forward. Lastly because I really just enjoy any fellowship with in the archery comunity and feel this will just be another way for me to be inviolved with all of you. So please take a minute each day to check back on my progress and share your own thought,experience, and support. THANK YOU AND WELCOME TO MY LIFE.

DAY 1 4/04/2008
I consider today to be the first day of my summer routine, fall and winter indoor leagues are over and it’s time to focus my efforts onto my 3d game. There was nothing to special about todays practice routine I mainly just spent about 2 hours getting myself familliar with shooting outdoors and on different terrain again. The first thing I had to do was change the apeture in my peep sight. I spent the whole day shooting from 20 yards because I made a few changes to my shot sequence and I need to spend some time shooting a close range so that my mind is free to focus on the new changes until I can get them ingrained mentally. The biggest change I made was in my anchor, once I got to shooting i found i’m a bit more consistant when shooting on various terrain if I use the center of my nose rather than the right tip of my nose using the center feels more preasure sensative and I can feel if I’m doing it the same everytime rather than just feeling the string is there I can feel the string pushing into my nose. My theory for this is if I can ingrain consistant preasure at this point it will help insure that my eye to peep distance remains consistant thus giving me better high/low consistency (i hope lol.)
Other than the new anchor I’m also still working on ingraining some of the new things I have been working on with my coach. Aiming is the biggest of those things when I first went to this new coach the first thing he noticed was I had trouble aiming. My mind was constantly jumping back and forth from the pin to the spot instead of staying focused on the spot, I have spent the last 2 months working on this and i can honestly say i’m 95% better right now. Even still it does take me some thought to do it right. i have to tell myself a couple times a day to just focus but the good thing is i realize when i’m doing it wrong and let down so it just keeps getting better. Although I did diagnose a new problem in my aiming today in practice, for some reason I want to quit aiming the second the release fires this is something i’m going to work on In tomorrows practice session. The last item i worked on today is maintining a strong bow arm after the shot (maybe this is why I quit aiming when the release goes off? it’s taking me quite a bit of thought to keep my arm up and strong but I’ll keep an eye one it.)

Like all things new some of this stuff is taking me a bit to get used to but I do think repitition and lots of practice will accelerate that process. I spent 2 hours outside practicing today and at the end of the day i really felt good about the progress i made. After all this is just day one I have until the second week in May before my first big tournement of the summer that gives me six good weeks to practice and perfect (or maybe even discard) some of these new ideas.

Thanks for reading and please check back tomorrow for updates and maybe new findings. Also feel free to share your thought or voice your questions I’ll do my best to respond to any and all who reply on here.

Until tomorrow