Today’s shooting was not as tight as I wish. It could be that I was just “off” or whatever.

I have recently replaced my copy of Larry Wise’s “Core Archery” and begun re-reading it. There are two people who I have read which I feel put more thought into how they do what they do than anyone else and Larry Wise is one of them (the other is James Park).

Today I followed Larry Wise’s advise about finding one’s stance. I drew my arrow, lined up my sight and closed my eyes and let time pass. When I opened them I was pretty much on the bale and target with my sights. I think I’m working with a fairly close approximation of a good stance but I’ll keep checking.

Despite my arrows being more scattered than I would have liked I have begun to batter the vanes. That’s okay, though. This set of shafts were fletched straight and I need an offset for use of broadheads later.

Since the closing of my nearest archery shop I’m going to be forced to learn to do more work on my bow and arrows. Goody! Always willing to learn.