recently i have been hearing a lot of bow bashing, brand A is better than brand B because of this and because of that. Typical things you know, but then i heard one At’er refer specifically to mathews solocam design.  This Poster elaborated that mathews was fast becoming obsolete to bowtech.  Now i am definatly not a mathews expert, but one i have shot both brand bows and personally i feel mathews to have the more advaned technology, and two i’m pretty sure mathews sales are through the roof. 

This poster also explained how mathews has not had a good selling bow since the switchback which they hardly sell anymore.  1 the switchback is still one of the hottest selling bows and 2 what is the drenalin? chopped liver! His only suggestion was that mathews drop the solocam design and start working on a new cam.  While this may be something mathews should do i believe that the solocam is still a top choice amonge many shooters.