I had just met my husband about 4 months before, and I was a new hunter. This was my first bow hunt. We were set up in a Bow Only area and I was on the ground. I had found 3 small pine trees, and with some branches and a camoflage netting, made a pretty good blind. I was near the edge of a field and timber. John was hunting from a treestand, about 500 yards away.
After the sun came up, it seemed colder than it had been earlier, and the coffee I drank was getting the better of me. After waiting till I thought I would explode, I carefully looked to make sure no one and no deer were around, and creeped out of the blind. I only went about 20 yards and peed. “Whew!” I thought, and silently creeped back into my blind.
I swear, I no sooner sat down and I heard something walking in the leaves behind me. I slowly looked around and was face to face with 3 huge does! I did’nt move and I did’nt even try to draw my bow, as I knew, I was busted.
It was almost comical how they all stared at me with their ears foward as if to ask. “Hey! You just pee?” They were only about 10 feet away, and one snorted and the took off the way they had come. All I could do was watch.
I remember sitting there shaking my head and laughing inside.
The funny thing about this story is that since then, I have always seen deer after I peed!