Wanted to give everyone a heads up on the Sure Loc Icon. I recently purchased the Icon 550 with 9 inch extension from a web store. I was very excited to try this new site with the Zero Gravity technology. My enthusiasm was quickly met with disappointment. I put the site together and noticed the vertical frame did not seem square to the mount. The vertical form almost looked bent out from the bottom. My next issue was with how hard the site elevation adjustment turned to make adjustment to various distances (Although this did losen up after awhile.) The windage adjustment was just as difficult. However worse then that was the ‘Cant and third axis adjustment they were next to impossible to change by trying to use the knob, even with the set screw backed out all the way. The only way to make the adjustment was by Allen wrench but if this was by design why have the knobs? Here’s the last complaint and this is a killer. When the site was together there was actualy some play between the vertical form and extension bar. Not good for any site let alone a micro adjust target site. So I called Sure Loc the only thing I can say is there customer service was worse then the site. I was greeted by an automated answering system that told me if I was calling between business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) they were experiencing high call volumes. Which I guess occur all the time because no human did ever answer the phone between those hours. I called several times and left a voice message as instructed. They never returned my call so I shipped the site back to the dealer and purchased an Axcel. I bought my first Sure Loc about 18 year ago and loved it but that was back when Steve Gibbs was still running the company God rest his soul he must be turning in his grave.