I look back on what I did during my last archery binge. It’s hard to ignore since some of the evidence is still with me. I have over half a dozen archery releases representing hundreds of dollars I spent on just one aspect of the shot. I have 4 different sets of arrows. I had 4 bows, pared down to 1 and now up to 2.

I realize that a lot of what I did the last time was to try and buy my way into skill. I learned some lessons, especially about back tension but what is more I learned to stop trying to spend my way to success.

I put 3 of the sets of arrows and one of the bows into my storage unit. I’m concentrating on one bow, one set of arrows, one sight, one stabilizer, one release. The decision is to stick with the bow I purchased for hunting, using it for 3D as a way to practice for hunting.

Working with my bow today felt good. I wasn’t thinking “if I buy X then I’ll be on target”. I was thinking “basics. form. consistency. sight picture. shot sequence.”

I’m not a champion archer but I’m not yet as good an archer as I could become. My eyes are not very useful at any distance but I can still learn to estimate distances and practice shooting at different distances.

And the most basic part is to have fun. To want to go to the range not to try out some new doohickey. It’s so that I can feel like I had a good time.

Yes, I still have to spend. On basics like inserts and nocks and points. Shafts and fletching. Not new ones. Just ones lost through normal use. Just replacements for the same tackle, not something new.

I think I’m going to have more fun this time around.