I remember it as though it were yesterday…..bowhunting at the edge of the yard of an old abandoned house on a beautiful September day. I had watched a set of twins for three days. They were adorable little fawns. It took all I had not to laugh out loud at them.They were so curious and not very bright. The little doe would get about 7 or 8 yards away, look at me and stomp,throw her head in the air and sniff the air like my Beagle does and then go back to grazing. The button buck would put his head down and try to find me, give up and start eating again. I would let them forget about me for a bit and then I would wiggle  and the stomping and sniffing would start again. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. I didn’t even consider shooting them because I was enjoying them too much and they were babies, after all. 

On Saturday morning I sat and waited and waited and waited. No deer. I waited some more.Still,no deer. I decided to see if my babies were in the field across the road while I got up and stretched my legs a bit. They were. As I watched  them play, I caught something out of the corner of my eye….a big doe across the field from my spot. .I decided to try and stalk her. Each time her view was blocked I did my best Fred Flintstone “twinkletoes” walk.She busted me once and I froze (except for shaking like I had hypothermia). She stomped and blew and decided I wasn’t a problem. In my head I am asking her how in the world she doesn’t see me.I am shaking so bad you would think I was having a seizure and my breathing was ragged and loud.On top of that my heart was pounding loud enough to be  heard a mile away. 

This is the first deer I have ever had in my sights and the circumstances are ideal. As she went behind a tree, I drew my bow, still trying to breathe normally. She steps out 25 yards away. I aim….. hold on my spot…..release the arrow. It was perfect ………..

until I missed.