My life has been a long one, a good one. I have had my ups and I have had my downs just like every one else here on this world, fortunately for myself and my grandson who tagged along, I was well off in the financial region of my life. My grandson and I have been on many hunts together, in Canada, in the Rockies and in Michigan’s upper peninsula. To me though none could compare to my dream hunt, AFRICA. Since i was a little boy growing up i had always wanted to travel the world, it wasn’t until i got older that i decided I wanted to hunt across the globe as well. It was in my late 40’s i presented the idea to my daughter for at this time my grandson was only 16. As any mother probably would she jawed my ears right off with the traditional he is just a boy and who do you think you are his father?

His mother managed to keep him at bay all the way until the day after his eighteenth birthday when we got on that plane together. I had been saving for some time now, and well so had he. You see my grandson grew up around animals, at the same time his mother coddled his mind around the idea of photography, well when everything played out he got a scholarship to some fancy art school to learn to be a wildlife photographer. So when I decided to go to Africa he didn’t take his bow at all, he saved every penny he made and bought himself a 2,000 dollar camera with a bunch of other equipment. We arrived in the evening near Namibia, and checked into a hotel for the night. our guide called that same evening to say he would be at the hotel at 3 in the morning! Even for hunting I thought that was a little extreme, but he assured me time was of the utmost importance. I had purchased tags for 2 animals only a rhinoceros and a male lion. Our guide explained that as we only had 3 days to hunt it would take time to go between the zones where the different animals lived. It took only 4 hours to reach the first zone where i hoped to find my rhinoceros. Our guide brought us to a watering hole in the middle of nowhere, the mosquitoes were swarming like i have never seen before, like a swirling black cloud of death they seemed to hang just above the beast I now sought as he drank at the water hole. The sun had lit the sky, it was into the morning as my grandson and i sat behind the tall grass him with his camera, and I with my bow. Right as I loaded my bow my grandson was snapping away furiously at this beautiful rhino. you can see to the right, this is one of his photos from our hunt.

I drew back took a longer breath than I normally do and released praying all the while my arrow flew straight. With a deafening roar i would have expected from a lion the rhinoceros bolted 10 yards crashing through the shallow mud hole only to trip and somersault head over heels. It was here he lay, it was here that I ended my first day. on the safari, my great bow hunting trip in Africa.

Now more than ever i wish i could elate the next two days and end with a nice “and i came home with my two dream trophies.” but that isn’t what happened, i came home with a rhino for a trophy, unfortunately my big cat hunt came up empty two days of nothing but sweat and mosquitoes, and everybody has already had enough of those little buggers already.

All in all i don’t think I would have given that hunt up for anything, nothing seems to really make memories like spending time with a loved one. I will never forget the time i spent in Africa even though it was only three days, being with my grandson made it worth a lifetime.