We are at a crossroads in our country. I want to discuss 2 issues here. The first issue I want to write about is gun ownership rights. We recently had a court case in the supreme court that threatened the 2nd amenddment. I watched this case closely. I also watched idiot america sit back apatheticly and do nothing. These people care more about whats happening on american idol than the 2nd amendment be threatened by the gun grabbers. Its sad. Apathy leads to dependance which leads to bondage. This is history but idiot america doesnt care.

     The case went in favor of the true constitutional defenders but we were one vote away from losing it. The court is now split with 4 liberal socialists and 4 freedom loving conservatives with one middle of the road justice. 

   Justice kennedy is the deciding vote in most case and he is aging fast. This next election will decide the direction of the court if Kennedy retires. Obama will throw another Ginsberg in the mix. Can we afford to lose the 2nd amendment to gun grabbers? I say no!!!!

  No other amendment has regulations defining it like the 2nd. We have 20000 or more gun laws and no one seems to care. What if we had 20000 laws governing the press or churches? Wake up before its too late. We are one judge away from losing the freedoms of the 2nd amendment.


   My next issue is the hunting land issue. We are losing hunting land at an alarming rate. Farms are being sold off and turned into subdivisions daily. Public lands are being bought by developers and bulldozed over in the name of progress. Many family owned farms are now owned by corporations which do not allow hunting. Timber companies are raping the forests at an alarming rate also. How much longer will hunting be available to the working man? 

    If youre wealthy and can afford your own piece of land then this post isnt for you. Enjoy what you have to the fullest. You work hard for it and I dont begrudge ya. My point is that as the population grows here how do we hang on to traditions? How much longer will hunting be ok? WIll we ever get to the point that ONLY rich people can hunt? Will we see the gun grabbers win? Think about this before you punch that button in november.