Just this year I found the biggest hunt of my life being dropped into my lap like a ball of string to a cat. On my way to a local 3D shoot a long time friend and fellow archer decided to relive one of his canadian bear hunting tales to myself and another gentleman nearby. As he revealed his hunting story I tuned my bow a little more and tried to concentrate on winning the shoot. Noticing my blatant disregard for what had become group story time, my friend looks to me and says “you know mark i have to tell ya, I could talk on and on about that bear hunt but it would be a little better if you tagged along this year and seen it for yourself.” he continued on to tell how another archer in his party had dropped out last minute and if I gave him half the original cost of the trip, he’d give me the last seat on the trip.

At first i was skeptical but by the time the last arrow was shot that day I was heading to the bank to get the trip money and before i knew it I was headlong into the biggest hunting trip of my life. Now being from Michigan some might say that I should be used to the weather, being so close after all. First off, I’m not all that close it was a 20 hour drive straight through to the guides cabin. Secondly I was definitely not well acclimated to the rough weather. The first morning of our excursion it was a scorching negative12 degrees, and as we slipped into our hunting gear i wondered if a bear was really worth the long cold hours that awaited me. Unfortunatley it was already too late as our guide shuffled our small hunting party to the first zone on our bear hunt.

As we entered the first zone the sun was just peaking the tree tops and the departing night sky was a crisp red against the oncoming pale blue morning sky as the start of our hunt began. Our guide was a little old fashioned, said he didn’t believe in the use of calls. So we stuck to t

he tried and sometimes true method of “spot and stalk”. After 3 and a half hours rumbling amongst the bushes hour guide motioned us into a clearing it was hear about one hour later we saw our first bear. in the clearing stood a large male bear n

ot more that 350 yards out and heading towards us. The wind was in our favor as jason the group photographer decided to snap a few shots.

first kill by kirk 30 yardsAs the bear moved in I was personally in shock as to how quickly our first kill was going to come to us.

Never count your trophies before they are tagged right? Well in this case it is true for at thirty-five yards the bear looked directly at us and took off in the nearby thicket. the group decided right then that it was the camera and no more pictures were allowed. the next two hours were pointless as we tried to find our runaway bear, eventually we decided to head back and put an end to our first day on our great Canadian bear hunt.

On our second day we decided to move into the second zone our guide had provided for us, and as a surprise to all involved our runaway bear showed up early off, and he had brought some friends, two more males had pulled into the clearing one larger than our runaway one roughly the same size. All three males were focused on a female padding through the thicket putting us at 40 yards out and closing we all had good shots and being as how this was our second of a small 3 day trip we were ready to take a shot. I drew my bow first followed by the old veteran kirk. both of us let loose one after another mine striking in the shoulder while kirk shooting the larger bear dropped his 15 yards from impact. The third bear never took a hit because our photographer decided shooting pictures was more important than getting his bear, his loss. It took us the next 45 minutes too find my bear dead beneath a large pine tree, the arrow barely piercing his heart.

All in all we had a successful trip and with both our tags filled kirk and I called in our kills to be mounted, and started packing for the return trip as soon as we reached the cabin. Jason too was satisfied with his abundance of bear pictures, he stated he probably would have missed anyways. What I look forward to the most is next years 3d season because this time I am telling the hunting story.