I went to the archery outpost to buy some arrows a couple of weeks ago for my recurve bow and I took my bow with me. I found out a week later that acording to the Easton Arrow chart that this arrow spine is way too week for the poundage that I was shooting. I took the arrows back and showed the shop manager at the Archery Outpost the easton chart and what it recommended. The shop manager said that he was not an expert on recurve bows and that he would have to call someone. The funny thing is that he was the guy who recommended that arrow to me in the first place. He then called a guy on his cell phone and asked him his opinion but I could not hear the conversation and basically said that I was fine. These arrows were in excellent shape and I asked to swap them out with the correct size arrows as shown on the Easton chart. Shop manager said no but said he could order me the correct ones and help me out a little. Long story short, I will never ever go back there again. I drove down to Pat’s Archery right then and they had a ton of people working there and they hooked me up on some carbon arrows that shot ten times better than the aluminum ones. All I got to say is that if you live in the Tulsa area and you bow hunt go to Pat’s.