When I attended Camp Crossings in Kentucky, a Christian summer camp, with Pine Grove Baptist Youth Group. The pastor challenged us to create a beyond effect. A beyond effect is your passion helping your burden. My passion is Archery and at the time I wasn’t quite sure what my burden was until a few months ago. After praying about it , I now know that my burden is for a little boy named Gabe Bingham son of Mike and Gen Bingham. He has had¬†nuphratic ¬† kidney syndrome since he was in the second grade. To help this family I am putting together a 3-D bow shoot to raise money for this family. We have a Camo ministry at Pine Grove who is supporting this cause,also the Franklin Archers Club will be supporting this cause as well.
The shoot will be at the Old Cartoogechaye school Franklin, North Carolina on Saturday March 17th starting at 9 am until when ever we get done. There will be a 3-d shoot, milk jug shoot, balloon darts/ bow shoot for kids, cake walk, silent auction, BBQ dinner and we will also be shooting for a gun and a tree stand. I hope yall can come I would love to see you there!
**** Also any donations would be greatly appreciated****