If anyone is interested in a new long bow take a look at the line of bows from Bama bows.The price is fantastic,and the quality and workmanship are even better.Im new to trad archery but I know what the custom bowyers are selling bows for.I purchased the Hunter model,55#@28″.The bow draws smooth and is very pleasant to shoot.I’m a righty that was forced to go lefty because of macular degeneration in my right eye,so when I say the bow draws smooth I really have an indication of what smooth is since I’ve only been shooting traditional 3 months left handed.I made the switch to lefty 3 yaers ago.I’ve always used PSE componds,so I ordered a lefthand compound from PSE and begun to shoot.I really had no desire to practis alot,but since I got a Mrtin recurve I have been shooting at least 200 arrows a day.I ran across Bama bows(Nathan shooting on youtube)and decided I would send him an email.I did and after some emails back and forth we came up with what I throught be right for me.I shot it a today 5/8/10 a HUNTER model for the first time,and it is fantastic.I’m sure all the other custom bowyers are also great,byt at the price of a Bama bow compared to the others ,then there is no comparison in my short time as a trad archer.If anyone is limited in finances as I am,but still want a custom bow at mass prodution price,the Bamabows is the way to go.