In the hunting season of 09 i went hunting on my friends land up in the catskills. It was me my dad and my brother and we got it the woods at about 5:00am and it was so dark i couldn’t see my hand infront of my face. My dad and i walk to my spot, i stayed and my father went on to his spot, and my brother was sitting on the other end of the property. Well there wasn’t supposed to be anyone but me and my dad and brother on the property but there were. I was sitting in my tree stand with my 30-6 and i see a flash light north of where i was sitting and then i see on my west side well no one was supposed to be in those spots so i radio’d to my dad asking him about it but he saw nothing but then he found a guy and kicked him out. the like an hour from then i hear my brother kick a guy out to well my dad and my brother were talking back and forth these does’ come out of no where and they hang around for an hour or so then they leave, well as soon as they leave this deer comes walking out of the woods and goes right into the weat field infront of me, the weat was like 5-6 feet in areas so he basically disapeard into the weat. So i load my gun up and I’m waiting , well it pays off he sneaks his head out so i pull the gun up on him and he takes another step out and i hacve him right? wrong the gun jammed so i pop the bullets out then reloaded and he stood there the whole time like he wanted me to shoot him. well he disapears again right into the field but he had to wait because no sooner then i put the scope on him he took one step and he was gone, again! Well i called my dad and my brother on the radio and their like just fricking shoot him already i said i cant hes gone so my brothers said get the hell out of the tree and go shoot the MTF. Well after wiating forever i has to pee so i got down outa the tree and took a piss well during this whole time the deer is staring me down and im laughing my ass off. i get done and i walk down the trail on the side of the field and well hes still staring me down but i still dont have a clear shot at him so i go back up in the tree and wait and make a plan. I came up with one so i left me bag and my heavy coat and i walk into one of the trails that the deer made in the field and the weat was loud i could hardly hear my self think over the noise so it was windy and every time the wind blew i’d take a step or so, i was a little closer than i thaught well he jumped up and he was like 2 feet from me and he still didnt know where i was well he ran about 10 feet and i still didn’t have a good shot well i got pissed and i threw a rock at his head and i pegged him he ran and shook his head and i shot him a 100 yards away while standing and i got him. then a strange guy came out of no where and grabbed the deer said it was nice.  This all took place over like 6 hours lol.