Just a few tips for practicing on a cold dark morning:

1. Light the target with a work light that is set next to it.                                                                  

2. Get a headlamp and wear it a little to the left on your forhead (or right if you’re left handed). Nothing else lights up the sight better. Also, buy lithium batties. Only because they will continue to run the light down to 40 below.

3. Buy an arrow puller.

4. Buy a better arrow puller.

5. Invent a better arrow puller.

Arrows have a way of cementing themselves into targets in cold weather.

6. Get all your gear and clothing set up the night before. The less time you spend in the  morning figuring things out (especially in a groggy state), the more time you can spend shooting. 

7.If you have to drive to a shooting range. Dress up totally ready, including your release and other accesseries before you go out the door. Set things up in the car so that when you get to the range all you need to get is the  bow and arrows. For me anyway, it’s psychalogically easier to get going in freezing cold weather when there are few things to do.

8. Have whatever acceceries you need easily acessable with your gloves or mits on. Put things in big pockets or hanging on a belt loop, etc.