Me an my engineering team are working on a traceable arrow used for hunting. would you please answer this survey and give us feedback. thnk you

1. Do you own a bow and arrow(s)? Yes/No
If yes continue on, if no stop here.
2. Do you use them for:
A. Target practice B. Hunting C. Archery D. other
3. How many arrows do you loose on a regular basis per hunting trip and/or practice?
A. 1 B. 2 C. more D. none
4. What percentage of your time is lost during hunting and practicing when you have to search for an arrow?
A. 25% B.50% C. 75% D. more than 75%
5. How much money do you loose on a regular basis from lost arrows?
A. $20 B. $40 C. $60 D. more
6. Would you be willing to pay extra money for an arrow you can trace faster?
Yes or No
7. If yes to #6, then how much more than the cost of an ordinary arrow would you be willing to pay?
A. $10 more B. $15 more C. $20 more D. over $20 more
8. (Optional) Do you have any suggestions/preferences that would make the arrow more easily traced? If so, please share idea(s) in blanks below
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