Do you know that you can include several attractive features in folder printing? These special additions can be particularly helpful in presentation folder printing where different structures and design features are required to impress the potential audience. Whereas they may raise the price of folder printing, the upgrading of the functionality and physical aesthetics of the custom folder is well worth the price. Therefore if you are paying attention in adding some high-quality features in your own custom folders, here are four of the most excellent and common ones you can use.
Moisture resistant coatings:
This is important to have custom folders having moisture resistant and dirt resistant chemical coatings. These particular coatings avoid the core of your custom folder from degradation caused by moisture and dust. This in itself rises the lifetime of the folder making it last longer and be of use longer as well. In addition, these types of coatings also add a glossy effect to most folder printings and by using it you would see your custom folders shine and sparkle when the light touches it.
Pockets and slits:
Another almost compulsory aspect that you should include in your folders is pockets and slits as they are the most excellent and simplest ways to secure content inside the folder. Lacking them, simply the closing action of the folder is the only force that keeps the content inside it. These pockets are extremely flexible and you can have your folder printer set it up perpendicularly, flat or even obliquely at different depths. Having these features placed just add a small amount of price to your folder printing, so it is typically well worth the investment.
Embedded special inks and substances:
At this moment, if you would like to really impress people with your custom folder, one of the most excellent features at you can place in them are special inks and substances. This can vary from folder printer to folder printer, however typically this involves using special metallic inks and substances that shine and shimmer in the light. These embedded ink materials can be incorporated with your main layout adding a little style and shine to an otherwise ordinary looking folder.
Hardened edges:
To end with, if you would like to make your folders tougher, a great add on are hardened edges. These are mainly small metal or plastic trimmings on the edges of folders. This increases the robustness of your folders because the edges are where most of the original wear and tear kind of damages occurs. In case you plan on using your custom folders for a long time, you may want to avail of this feature.
Therefore those are just four of the many other big features that you can join to your custom folders. Strive these out and see for yourself. It would make your folders stronger while making them look cool as well.