I’m 40 yrs old and never hunted aday in my life nor have I ever had a disire to , I’ve hiked and camped most of my life and am pretty good at it. However about 6 mnths ago my daughter and I took up archery, she likes it and I love it and its a place were we both can connect. Since we have taken up this great sport, I can’t stop thinkin about hunting it’s on my mind 24-7, so I went out and got my lisence,WMA permits and archery permit, and on the last weekend of small game season I went out on my first HUNTING TRIP. It was more like a hikin trip with bow and arrows, because I think all the animals in that 49000 acre wood took up a collection and went on a cruise, cause the only animals I saw that day were 9 turkeys(10 including myself) and 6 deer which by chance were the only 2 animals i couldn’t shoot. So I guess my only question is how do you TRACK, STALK, SHOOT, GUT and process a wild hog and or turkey.    Thanks for listening