Bought a new in the box 2010 Martin Firecat TR2 bow for my birthday ! And what a nice bow it turned out to be ! Light,balanced, and supper fast ! A very forgiveing, flat shooting bow that hits hard and sinks em deep ! And tuneing the bow was a snap ! I know that Martin has to come up with new inovations to keep up with the other bow manufactures, but as far as I’m concerned, they hit the bullseye with this bow ! The one thing that I will say is that whatever bow that you choose to buy,you should buy the bow that fits you and like ! There are a lot of good bows out there. but the one you feel the most comfortable with is the one for you ! I shot 7 different bows before I picked the Martin Firecat TR2. For me, My pholosophy is that the bow is only 10% of the equation ! The other 90% is you !!! Without lots of practice and persistance, it’s just a stick and a string !!!! Have a great season, everyone !!!