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Everyone should be required to take marksmanship proficiency tests in firearms and archery before being allowed to enter the woods.

We should be permitted to shoot out the tires of road hunters.

Game Commissions are doing the best with what they have to provide adequate deer populations.

If you shoot it, you eat it.

State firearm safety courses should include how to track a wounded animal.

Crossbows should only be permitted for use by those with physical limitations.

Sunday hunting should not be allowed anywhere for anything!

They should have pull-off areas along highways so we can safely watch deer in the fields.

Kids should start out shooting bows with mechanical releases and then learn how to shoot fingers.

PETA…’nuf said.

Every deer you’re fortunate enough to harvest should be considered a trophy.

Wearing a safety harness while in a tree stand should be required by law.

While in deer camp, discussion topics such as taxes, mortgage rates, and computers should be forbidden.

I’ve never seen a Game Warden walking in the woods when they weren’t on a road or trail….wait….I’ve never seen a Game Warden walking.

Why don’t you ever see deer cross the road near those “Deer Crossing” signs?

I prefer to archery hunt in the evenings but rifle hunt in the mornings.

As I get older, my tree stand gets closer to the ground.

My dad is the best hunter I’ve ever known.