Special Program Added for Church Events…
One of the popular ways Churches reach out to neighbors is hosting big game banquets, hunting expos, and related events.  These often are designed for the sportsmen and women of the Church to enjoy.  The events also serve to draw in non members too that might not typically attend a Church related event.  I have seen these events draw large crowds and always enjoy them.

Being a protege’ of the late Rev. Stacy Groscup, I know that the archery can get their attention so that your words will be heard.  I have always been quick to give God the credit for my shooting ability although I often joke that I don’t blame him when I miss.  I have shot my bow in downtown New York City, indoor rodeo arenas, and a variety of Church buildings over the past 25 years. 

Until next time, Adios & God Bless.
Shoot Straight,
Frank Addington, Jr.
The Aspirin Buster

Our website will soon have a page dedicated to the Church programs.  In the meantime, if you are interested you can contact me at [email protected]

This marks my 25th year on stage and many of my early shows were held at schools, youth camps and church camps and related groups.  Rocking A Productions now has a special Church program that allows me to attend these events as a guest speaker and perform an instinctive archery show at a reduced price so that the Churches can afford it.