I purchased the new Bowtech destroyer to the tune of $899 plus tax but almost as soon as I got it home I had an issue with it. The dealer told me the bow was set up at 70 pounds and when I checked it with my digital draw weight meter it only indicates 65 lbs. I called the dealer and he told me to crank the limb bolts down a few more turns. Problem solved right, wrong. The limbs pocket bolts are bottomed out and the limb bolts cannot be turned down any further. Remember, the dealer set this bow up, I haven’t touched it. The dealer insists the bow is set up right and it must be the meter. I tried a second draw weight meter with the same results. After contacting the dealer again he informed me that he wants to replace the limbs on my BRAND NEW bow. I haven’t even shot 5 arrows though this yet and the limbs on Bowtech’s new flagship bow needs to be replaced!!! Day 2 on a new purchase and I have to deal with this. Bow tech customer has blown me off since so far. I hope that some customer service is heading my way after all I only spent a grand on their flagship bow. I want an exchange. I want what I paid for and not what was provided