–The Deer Hunt —

Alarm clock ticking…

… ready to sound

Darkness hovers all around

From beneath the sheets I leapt

Truth be told, I hardly slept

Load the Thermos

Hop in the truck

It’s time to get my Blacktail buck

Hit the hill that no one climbs

Like I’ve done so many times

Fog is hanging all around

Welcome to my hunting ground

Foxgloves change from gray to white

As the sun dismisses night

My eyes are searching nature’s food plots

Alder saplings in new growth clear cuts

Thermals carry the sweetest scent

Nature’s morning breath is lent

Shooting hour is finally here

Now where the heck’s my little deer?

The sticks and tree stumps trick my eyes

Rumps and antlers in disguise

My eyeballs search the mountainside

Finally our fates collide!

The sun glints off an ivory tip

Carefully, so I don’t trip,

I make my way-the wind is good

I stumble on a piece of wood

He didn’t hear me-

Here we go!

Time to draw my trusty bow-

I draw it back…

and aim…

and squeeze…

The arrow flies-

The Blacktail flees

He bounds and stumbles

Then he goes down

It is quiet all around

My breath is trapped

I thank the Lord

I thank the deer

And then move forward.