When for the first time while on stand  the hunter/huntress sees his/her first buck, his/her heart will begin to pound and he/she will suppress his/her breathing, as this is the day he/she has waited and trained for and imagined many times. The deer is a gift from someone or something greater than us all and has been placed here for us, as we become one with nature. It is an emotional thing, to  kill this buck and from the emotional being of the event can only be described by the individual to the individual.

One must experience for himself/herself the killing of the buck and also be mature enough to understand it. It is now fall and a light wind has lowered the temperature, your cheeks come rosy and your fingers are numbing. On seeing the buck you silenting and methodically raise your bow and in that instant the bucks head snaps erect, detecting something even though you felt you were quiet. You aim and release and in a brief instant you believe you have seen the life go from the bucks eyes.

We the hunter do not hunt to kill but rather we have killed so we could hunt. The elation of the kill is short lived as we hunters all know the this is only  the satisfying conclusion of a successful hunt.  The first deer kill is difficult emotionally and some will wish to  throw thier bow away , only for an instant, as it will come back to THE GIFT, placed here by someone or something greater than us all.

“The KILL is nothing more than the CLIMAX to a successful hunt, it is not the HUNT.”