Have you ever had one of those hunting trips where nothing seems to go right? The kind that makes you wish you’d never gotten out of bed? Every time something else goes wrong you tell yourself “well it can’t get any worse than this.” You soon realize that it can, and it does. Before long you start to second guess yourself. If only I had worn my luck hat, if only I had hunting the stand on the other side of the field. Your not sure if you should curse at, or pray to the hunting gods. Some where along the way you lost your Mojo.

I’ve had my share bad luck, but I recently went through a slump that almost had me ready to hang up the bow. As in the lyrics of an old Eric Clapton song ‘if wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all’. That’s how I felt. I could not catch a break. But, I kept plugging away. Even my hunting buddies recognized my downward spiral. They would give me words of encouragement and even let me know they were glad they weren’t in my shoes! They were short on advise because it seemed as though I was doing all the right things. I would change up my hunting routine, change stand locations, have a positive attitute and all the other things needed to get my Mojo back.

I could easily write a short story describing the painful yet humorous events that chronicled the last several months of my life. But sometimes that old saying just fits, “I guess you had to be there”. Well, there was a video camera there. Over the past four years I have been filming hunting adventures for myself and friends. I have been airing them on a local community access channel for all the local hunters to enjoy. The response has been incredible. I’m not sure if it’s because there is no local hunting program in the state or it’s because of our local, oridinary guy approach. I guess you can judge for yourself. I humbly present Hawaii Sportsman TV. This program was specially edited just for the archerytalk.com blog section. Enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback.