1. Of course number one will be to wax your string and cables.

2. Put it on the threads of your field tips. ( so you dont have to keep checking to see if there loose and so your field tips won’t come out in your targets)

3. Put it on the threads of your Broadheads. How many times did you nock an arrow, only to hear your broadhead rattle because it was loose? This will happen no more, with the wax your broadhead will not back out.

4. Put it on the threads of any screw, so they dont back out. How many times did have your sight dead on and a week later, when the screw loose? Just put a little wax on the treads, then sight it in and your good to go.

5. Last but not least, i but a little on my rangefinder. How many times have you had to quickly check your distance, when that trophy of a life time is coming in, you dont want to drop it. If you but a little wax on your rangefinder, it will make it tacky. This way you have a better grip on it.

  I hope you take these tips to heart and try them this fall.