SHEMANE NUGENT IN AFRICA                                       by Ted Nugent
The grace, the beauty, the shape, the form! I don’t know if I can handle it, in fact, I know I can’t! My wife Shemane is so beautiful, it is stupid, or at least it makes me stupid. But when she picks up her bow and arrow, gently knocks her arrow on the string, then smoothly draws her bow back to her lips, I gaze gaga, like a kid at his first dance. And dance we do!! I don’t know much about Venus, but if ever a woman was at her most sensuous, it is surely at full draw. Talking about eye candy! You oughtta try to videotape her in a small blind sometime and maintain your composure and focus. Is it getting hot in here?
Her dainty pink Martin bow looks so girly as it is, add her pink Victory arrows with the pink and white fletching, her pink ScentLok cap and the tight fitting pink Mossy oak camo t-shirt, and the whole package confirms that bowhunting is ultimately made for women. Shemane and I are dedicated to spread that word and recruit as many women into the greatest sport on earth as much as we can. I do believe it is the future.
We see and understand the amazing success of Lee and Tiffany on their TV shows. Sexy little Tif is stunning too, and more so when she draws down on one of those heart slamming monstrous Iowa behemoth whitetails. We got She Safari TV, Beyond The Lodge, Archers Choice, Pat and Nicole, the gorgeous Michelle Eichler on Muzzy Bad To The Bone TV. Everybody likes to watch Jim Shockey and more so when his beautiful wife joins him onscreen. Karen Meehall does an exemplary job on NRA’s American Hunter television, and more and more women are showing up on hunting shows all the time and I for one love it all. As Motley Crew sang, “Girls, Girls, Girls”. Let’s get it on!
Shemane shot her bow relentlessly as we prepared for our 6th African safari together, and she was shooting the prettiest arrows any bowhunter could ever dream of. At 15 out to 30 yards, her lightweight 40# Martin bow sent her 400 grain GoldTip Zebra arrows tipped with a  two blade100 grain razorsharp Magnus BuzzCut payload square into the pumpstation of our 3D targets with every arrow. Women are not just more beautiful when they shoot their bows, they are always better shots than men too. Something about superior patience and control, huh.
Having made clean one arrow kills on giant fallow, whitetails, rams, Oryx, impala, blesbok, kudu, wildebeest, waterbuck and zebra over the years, we were confident that her lightweight rig was perfectly suitable for bringing home the beast as long as arrow placement was, as usual, perfect. Here we go.
After the long flight, we pulled into Angus Brown’s Safari camp in the Orange Free State province of South Africa to unprecedented pouring rain. About 150 miles south east of Johannesburg, Angus operates numerous properties in this rolling, mountainous region loaded with zebra, blesbok, black wildebeest, springbok, reedbuck, eland, sable, duiker, steenbok and sable antelope. The occasional lion, leopard and Cape buffalo are in the area as well, just to keep things interesting.
A few days prior to our arrival, on his first day in camp, gung-ho bowhunter Jim Brown from Indiana arrowed a magnificent one ton Cape Eland with a perfectly placed Magnus broadhead. Now that’s how one baptizes his first African safari.
And in spite of incessant rain, an African bowhunters worse enemy, National Field Archery Association president Bruce Cull killed a record book common blesbok right off the bat. My boys can shoot!
Now that my BloodBrothers have fortified the meat locker with delectable African backstraps, the pressure was off and we were ready for a relaxing, fun filled bowhunting Safari in the Dark Continent. Spirits ran high.
The African hunter’s sun was burning pretty good on this hot afternoon, and since I headed off to another blind and guide Reon Van Tonder got called to track Jennifer’s waterbuck, Shemane ended up alone in her thatched elevated hide. The muddy puddle was 20 yards upwind, augmented with a mineral lick and some alfalfa. Though she was entertained by the ever present birdlife, no big game showed up for the first four hours.
But that all changed as the bewitching hour arrived, and the boredom was obliterated by the arrival of the Lord of the Bush-the mighty Kudu. Two fine, nearly invisible bulls stood at a distance amongst the scrub, surveying the waterhole for a long time before they cautiously approached. As the bigger of the two turned broadside for a drink, Shemane made sure the videocam was centered on the old boy and she let him have it with a pretty pink 400 grain projectile.
True to form, Shemane’s arrowed zinged square into the pocket where all the pumping takes place, and both bulls exploded outta Dodge in a heartbeat.
She text’d me of her excitement and we decided she should wait for reinforcements before tracking.
The dust from the departing kudu had barely settled before a group of young impala sauntered in for a drink, and as darkness fell, Almay picked Shemane up and Reon picked up the obvious bloodtrail.
Sadly, Shemane had rewound the tape to review her shot, gained confidence when she did, but rewound again to show me, and taped over the arrow hit moment. Curses!

The next morning Reon and his tracker picked up last blood and found the dead bull a few yards farther along the trail.
Her beautiful kudu bull taped nearly 50” of spiraling horn, and grand celebration erupted back at camp for an extended photo session with the Culls and Browns.
It is important to note that Shemane’s pretty pink camo Martin Leopard bow draws a dainty 40#, her pink Victory arrows and Magnus two blade BuzzCut broadheads, Lumenok and three 4” white TruFlight feathers weighs in at a kinetic energy generating 400 grains. This petite lady’s rig has killed many a large, tough big game like this 600 pound kudu, tenacious wildebeest, hard zebra and more. Shot placement and a razorsharp two blade, cut on impact broadhead is her proven backstrap setup, and if more guys would learn this simple, surefire formula for the women in their life, I do believe women bowhunter numbers would double lickety split as fast as it is implemented. Why it hasn’t yet remains a mystery to us. We hope that everybody reading this helps to spread the word as far and wide as possible. The joy Shemane experiences needs to be experienced by a few million more woman ASAP. Spread it!
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