PLEASE READ THIS POST IF YOU USE GORILLA LADDER STICKS. On 10-25-10 I had the unthinkable happen to me twice. The metal clasp on the strap that holds the Gorilla ladder sticks broke while i was climbing up and setting up new ladder sticks. Thank goodness I was wearing my safety harness and only escaped with a few scrapes, bumps and bruises. On 10-26-10 I called Gorilla to let them know what happened and the Customer Rep was as horrified as I was about the failure in the buckle. I sent her pictures and she promised to send me a return authorization form to return the products for immediate inspection. She also stated she would make the public aware and I did not have to worry about that. She has never sent the form, has never returned any of my calls, has never returned any of my emails and has hot to my knowledge made the public aware of this serious issue. If this has happened to you or you know anybody that uses these dangerous and faulty sticks please share my story. Had I not been wearing my safety harness I may not be here to tell this story.