I’m amazed at the number of my fellow bow hunters who are oblivious to the fact that the very first cut of meat should be removed from your deer immediately after field dressing your blessing whether butchering your own or not. I have a few zip lock quart size bags in my day pack for this specific reason.
There are tenderloin on either side of the spine near the end of the rib cage running parallel to the spine, starting from the edge of the meat opposite the spine slicing the length of the loins cut underneath the meat, continue slicing length while pulling meat away from knife as you slice until you reach the spine. Put these in your bags and grill these for dinner that same evening. This is the most tender and enjoyable cut I have found especially when shared with family at the dinner table, they won’t go far but well worth it!. If left on the animal it will shrivel up and dry out.

Be thankful & happy hunting!