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Bear The Truth                    





The Truth 2 is Bear’s flagship offering for 2009.  Named after the popular hunting shows by Primos, The Truth 2 is the second generation of “The Truth” bow that debuted as a 2007 model.  The limbs on this bow are flared toward the axle end, which aids in evenly distributing the stress associated with the bow’s draw cycle.  The Dual Arc string suppressors are incorporated into the minimally reflexed riser and are included on both the top and bottom portions of the riser to combat excess string vibration.

 The Truth 2 sample that was provided to Archery Evolution was measured to have a brace-height of 6 13/16 inches, while the axle-to-axle length was measured to be 33 inches.  The requested 29 inch, 60 pound model was measured straight out of the box to have a 29 3/8 inch draw length and peak draw-weight of 60.9 pounds.  At these settings, The Truth 2 achieved an average speed of 299.5 fps with a 300 grain arrow.  A slight adjustment to the limb bolts and adjustment of the string post brought the bow into exact specifications in short order.

 A thorough examination of the finish quality showed some imperfections in the finish.  Some excess film-dip was noticed in the cutout area where the suppressors attach to the riser.  Also, a small area void of film dip finish was noted below the grip as well as multiple “pin-point” areas where film-dip didn’t adhere properly.  Finally, some minor machining marks were evident on the idler wheel.  Note that none of these imperfections seem to have an impact on performance and are noted solely from a quality perspective.

 The Truth 2 is outfitted with a synthetic grip, Winner’s Choice string and cable, and pivoting limb pockets.  The synthetic grip fits well in the hand and the strings / cables were visually appealing in that the fluorescent green serving material is translucent, allowing the consumer to view the separate colors of the green and orange string.  The cam system offers a string post which allows the user to make minor adjustments to draw length without the need to change out the module.  This feature was leveraged in our test model to bring the bow into spec.  There is no mistaking what this bow is or who it is made by as the “Bear” and “The Truth 2” logos can be found in many different places on the bow, including the grip, limbs, and limb pockets.  All in all, The Truth 2 offers a unique visual appeal in a nice shooting platform.



Detailed Test Results:


Speed / Performance Measurements:

Speed measurements were made with 4 different arrow weights to determine the average speed of the bow per inch of Power Stroke.  Utilizing the stored energy obtained from the Force-Draw curve, average dynamic efficiency was calculated.

Speed per inch of

Power Stroke:     12.9

Dynamic Efficiency:        83.8% 

Vibration Measurements:


Vibration measurements were made with 4 different arrow weights to determine the average vibration in 3 dimensions as well as the total average vibration.

Positive X-Vibration:               84.4 g

Negative X-Vibration:             -93.8 g 

Positive Y-Vibration:                216.2 g

Negative Y-Vibration:             -219.5 g

Positive Z-Vibration:                170.5 g

Negative Z-Vibration:             -140.5 g

Total Vibration:  238.0 ga 

 Sound Measurements:


Sound measurements were made with 4 different arrow weights to determine the average sound output, the average A-Weighted sound output (mimicking the human ear) and the average C-Weighted sound output.

 Unweighted Sound Output:             102.4 dB

A-Weighted Sound Output:              83.4 dBA 

C-Weighted Sound Output:              93.8  dBC 



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