I grew up in Southwest Detroit Michigan.  My Dad was a Mailman and my Mom a bank worker.  I had a very good childhood with many friends.  We played in the local park, climbing trees, playing baseball and basketball.  As I got older, I began playing Basketball in grade school and eventually High School.  I was very competitive and was eager to excell.  I would have gone to college if not for a senior year illness that sidelined me for 3 months.  One of my highlights was being brough up to Varsity during my sophmore year of High School.  I continues to play after High School in the local Parks and Rec areas of Detroit.  I was not great but I held my own against some pretty fieces competition.  I played against ex-college and one ex NBA player.  I never had the oportunity to fish or hunt.  My Uncles and Cousins were all into hunting and fishing but I lived too far away.  After 34 years in the Detroit area my Wife, Son and myself decided to move out to the country.  Right away I took my hunters safety class and purchased my first archery liscense at the age of 34.  I had no teacher just some magazines.  I has an older PSE bow and shot often.  There is plenty of State land around my home so I started scouting.  What a feeling being in the woods for the first time in my life.  I was very inexperienced and on my first morning hunt, I went into the woods in total darkness, I walked and tried to find the tree that I had scouted but I could not.  So I picked a tree and started climbing with a second hand older climber.  I was exhausted when I reached the height that I thought I needed to be.  As the sun came up a saw 5 deer about 50 yards away, what a feeling.  They never came close enough but the funny part was that I was only about 10 feet off the ground.  I have hunted State land now for 8 years and have learned plenty.  I now hunt about 20 feet off the ground or more.  I have only taken 1 deer with my bow and 2 more with a borrowed muzzleloader, but my heart is in Bowhunting.  I have had good times and bad.  I have seen some nice Bucks, nice does, Turkeys, Coyotes, Racoons, Foxes and many more animals.  What an awesome experience.  I have alway said that my story would make a good show.  I would gladly have traded in all my Baseball and Basketball memories to have been in the woods.  Like the saying says” A bad day in the woods is better than a good day at work”  is a true statement.  My wife will be bowhunting with me this Fall, my 11 year old Son wants to but the finances aren’t there right now.  Like I said before” I would gladly have traded in all my Baseball and Basketball memories to have been in the woods.”