I sat nearly motionless and listened….The sweet sounds of cows and calves permeated the air around me…It was mid morning, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself…It had been months since I had heard the sounds of fall…A single escalating bugle broke out, followed closely by…….laughter?? Yes..the laughter of my co-workers…

I wasn’t in the mountains, nor was it September..Its July and I was in my office…at my desk…cow calling, sweet talking, and bugling with my gleaming new iPhone.  The previous evening I successfully downloaded my very first app. from the good fellows at Primos Game Calls.  Now, at any given moment I can whip out my do it all mini machine and be scratching out the lonesome yelps and purrs of a rio hen, yip and yap like a hungry coyote, or blast out the high pitch scream of a frenzied bull… J  This cool little app. runs the gamut.  Waterfowl, elk, deer, hogs, turkeys and predator calls, all in the palm of my hand


Further investigation into the world of iPhones, I found a plethora of archery, bow hunting and outdoor lifestyle apps.  Deer and turkey hunting games abound as do archery competition and fishing..Here is some of what I found to be fun…

One App. I found called Hunt Call Pro allows you to download a variety of calls to actually be used on the hunt (where legal of course).  A separate volume control lets you manipulate the sound to be used in real hunt applications.


Archery Championship is a fun and realistic target archery competition.  You can choose from a mini hunting game, a practice round to hone your skills or go directly into competition!  What I thought was neat is that you aim by tilting your phone…Need to aim higher, tip the phone back, lower..tip it forward…I actually found myself caught up in this as I do any real life archery competition…Aiming hard..executing..checkingmy opponents score…Just as if I were on the line.


iHunt 3D…now this one is probably my favorite so far…You get to choose your season.  As you hunt, you build up experience points and cash (based on the successful hunts) to move to the next level and purchase new and better equipment. Equipment upgraded rifles, bows, camo, optics and scent eliminators.  You use your index finger to navigate around your stand..scanning the surrounding area for that monster buck…Now, the deer could be 100yds or 30 yds…But even in close, don’t fool yourself..The Scope has a realistic amount of ambient movement built in just as if you were shooting in a standing position.  Add in the fact that again, you aim the crosshairs by tipping your phone/ipod, it can definitely prove to be a challenge….even in the easy game setting.  After you are done hunting, add your score to the leader board, and compare yourself to other online hunters from across the country…


Bowmen…Now this game is just plain fun…You aren’t much more than a stick figure..Obviously more could have been done graphics wise, but that is part of the attraction of this little game…You are dueling with your chosen opponent, the cpu. or another person who shares the game with you…Simply put, you take turns shooting at each other.  The challenge is this:  You cannot see your opponent until you shoot!  So this means, you have to set the angle of the shot, and the force to get it there (you do so by dragging you finger across the screen) without actually having a point of reference or something to aim at!  For as simple as this game is, it is 10 fold with fun!!


The above is just a small sample of apps. available for hunters..Bow and gun alike…Some are mere games, some are fun just to have, and some are much more serious tools…Like a highly detailed and accurate compass and a new GPS feature already come standard on your iPhone. (Compass/gps images)  Whether or not you’ll ever need to use these two features, nobody knows…But like I’ve said..Id rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it…

So all in all, the iPhone apps get an enthusiastic thumbs up from me…Even though I’ve barely scratched the surface in the world of apps, I know for fact regardless if you are a hardcore bow hunter, determined target archer or a backyard champion like me, if you take the time to look, you will find something you cant live without!


Jake Richmond

Martin Archery, Inc.

Research and Developement

Pro-Staff Coordinator