Animal Rescue
by Laura Francese

I have passion for many things in my life.  One of which is taking care of animals.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve taken in animals of all kinds.  Anything that needed care and/or a permanent home became my responsibility.  In the last few years I become more aware than ever of the need for permanent homes for animals.  There are literally 1000’s and 1000’s of animals that need homes.  Some are from unspeakable situations…others are just unwanted animals from homes where they were once wanted.  Breaks my heart in a thousand pieces.  Chris and I have taken in many animals.  Our first official rescue was Ally, a blue Weimaraner.  We got her from the Ohio Weimaraner Rescue.  She was 8 hours from being euthanized.  No way we could let that happen.  Then we found Buddy.  We now call him Buddha (sometimes names just stick and you don’t know why)  We rescued him from the New York Weimaraner Rescue.  They even had his papers still.  He’s been the toughest case yet.  He had been passed from one home to another, abused, neglected, unwanted.  We were even told to “put him down”…. NOWAY we could do that….we already loved him and he was our responsibility now.  It has been amazing to see him change and get better.


This last Friday we brought home a horse.  His name is Peanut.  He was taken from his home thankfully.  He is a papered Quarter Horse.  Kept in a stall where he couldn’t move.  Was used for breeding and rarely fed for 14 years!!!!!!

Please please consider adopting or rescuing a pet before going to a breeder.  There are thousands of amazing animals that need and want permanent homes.  Please visit or or I have found these three sites to be resourceful and informative.