Howdy– let me start out by wishing you & yours a Happy Fourth of July!   Also a Happy Birthday to my friend Butch Thompson at the King Ranch in South Texas. 

I’d like to announce that as of today, July 1, I will be shooting Hoyt bows exclusively on stage and for all my bowhunting adventures.  After being at Hoyt for almost 19 years, it feels great to have a Hoyt in my hand again.  I look forward to working with my friend Mike Luper, aka “Super Luper” again.  I have twin GMX recurve bows for my stage show and a Montega compound that I shoot instinctively for my hunts. 

Here’s something on the move to Hoyt:
Addington to use/endorse Hoyt bows
by Lynn Chhabra

      Effective July 1, 2009 Frank Addington, Jr. will exclusively use Hoyt bows on stage for his instinctive archery exhibitions across the country and for all bow hunting activities.  For his stage bows, Addington selected two identical GMX recurve bows with 990 TX limbs.  In a long standing tradition, both bows are blue.  For his bowhunting activities, Addington will use the Hoyt Montega compound bow, which he has set&nb sp;up to shoot instinctively as well.  He said, “I’ll have a little higher profile in the bowhunting end of the sport.  I’ve always kept my bowhunting private, but will do a little more high profile stuff to further promote the sport and brand.”
      Addington, 42, shot his first bow in 1971 at the age of four and has been on stage doing exhibitions since 1986.  He joined Hoyt/Easton in 1986 and served on the advisory staff, Gold Staff, and as a one man member of the promotional pro staff until 2003.  He had this to say about the new Hoyt bows, “I was impressed when I got the bows and began to put the recurves together.  The GMX has a real “wow” factor.  Hoyt has always had a solid repututation for building bows that would shoot very accurately, but these new bows have so much cosmetic appeal.  They are works of art. The riser, limbs, graphics all come together to create a great looking bow.  The limbs are beautiful and I salute the designers and engineers that put this bow together.  Earl Hoyt would be so proud of this bow.  I can’t wait until our next stage show to blast some baby aspirins with it.”
      Addington also likes his new Montega compound bow. “I’ve been shooting the Montega and let me tell you that at 44.25″ axle to axle length, this bow is a finger shooter’s dream.  The accuwheel is impressive and I’ve already seen enough to know I may add t his bow to my stage show so that I can share the accuracy of this bow with my audiences.  Although it is a fraction of the market, I know there’s a demand for a finger shooter’s bow that’s fun, accurate, and has respectable speed.  This is that bow.  I intend to field test it in South Texas in October for a trophy whitetail buck on King Ranch,” Addington stated.
     The “Aspirin Buster” appears at sports shows, deer classics, expos, and related events coast to coast every year.  Addington has appeared on ESPN, CNN, and other media during his exhibition career.  Along with private shows for celebrities, private shows for the owners of the King ranch,  and an appearance at the 2007 National Pope & Young convention Addington travels far and wide promoting archery & outdoors to the next generation.  His goal at his appearances is to promote archery and encoura
ge young people to turn off TV, computers, and video games and get outdoors.  His main message is that archery is a lifetime, family sport. 
     Hoyt’s Director of sales & marketing Mike Luper had this to say about Addington’s return:

“We are very excited to have Frank back in the Hoyt family.  Through his incredible archery talents and abilities, he continues to introduce archery to thousands of people who may otherwise never experience this great sport. Through his relentless travels and the shows that he performs across the nation, he continues to promote archery as a family sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. He has touched many lives, especially the lives of many young kids, and has taught them that life in the outdoors with a bow and arrow is a great and happy life!  We look forward to working with Frank as he continues doing what he does best…promoting archery and entertaining the masses.”

     When asked about returning to Hoyt, Addington had this to say, “Having been with Hoyt for about 19 years, I told Mike Luper I felt like I was coming home.  I am really excited about the potential this new role will have and I will be doing everything I can to promote Hoyt bows, Hoyt dealers, and the sport of archery.  As a protege’ of the late Rev. Stacy Groscup, I keep challenging myself to try harder shots in front of audiences.  I have some new shots lined up for our 2010 “HAVE BOW WILL TRAVEL” tour and I’m sure my Hoyt bows will be up the challenge. Hoyt is a class act and I’m proud to be affiliated with them.  Seeing is believing and I look forward to seeing you at one of my shows.”
     Addington resides in Winfield, West Virginia with his wife Amanda and son Gus.  Gus has been shooting a bow since he was 18 months old.  Addington is a graduate of Marshall University.  He serves on the Expo Tech Team of the Weatherby International Foundation. and currently writes columns for, and other websites and magazines.  He owns Rocking A Productions,LLC , the company that books his archery exhibitions and speaking engagements.  For more information, visit his website at: .

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The latest
     Well folks, that’s the latest.  We added two more shows to our schedule today.  I can’t wait till audiences can see the new bows.  I also want to thank Jon Gauthier, Kevin Stay, Bob Ohm, Joel Maxfield, and Matt McPherson for everything while I was using Mathews/Sky bows on stage. 
      I also appreciate our other sponsors very much— Muzzy, Easton, Sims Vibration Labs, Eze-eye, Archery Stand By, Justin Boots, and Resistol hats.  Next year celebrates 25 years on stage!  Looking forward to it! 

      I will publish our 2010 schedule soon.

Until next time, Adios & God Bless.

Shoot Straight,