We at Sportsman Gear Reviews did a comprehensive test on the top high end premium coolers in the market that we have personally used and owned for years. We are here to show consumers the good, bad and ugly truth.
SPECS –  Lifetime warranty, made in the U.S.A.
PROS – It rated the best in our ice-retention test, and it has the best warranty in the business. So if yours ever breaks, they’ll send you a new one.
CONS – We feel that the Pelican Coolers rated low on weight and heaviness but which is why it rates higher in ice retention.
BOTTOM LINE – If you are looking for a cooler that will hold ice the longest and it is staying in your boat or at the camp for any extended period of time. This is your cooler. If you plan on moving the cooler around a lot you might want to look elsewhere because this is the most rugged and heaviest cooler out there.
SPECS –  5 Year Warranty and made in the U.S.A.
PROS – It rated second best in our ice retention tests. This cooler that is made in the US has a lot of bells and whistles. It features both rope and solid handles, good drain plugs, rubber bottom so the cooler won’t slip in the boat and a ruler to measure your catch. The price runs middle of the market which means you can get a good US made solid cooler for a decent price.
CONS – The handles are different than any of the other premium coolers so it could be difficult to learn to use. The good part is that the latches are very easy to open and doesn’t take a lot of strength like a lot of the competition.
BOTTOM LINE – If you are looking for a cooler that will hold ice for a good amount of time and is light enough to move around and is American made this is your cooler.
SPECS – Lifetime warranty and made in the U.S.A
PROS – Good ergonomic design that is very unique. It features good latches and handles. The warranty is lifetime which can’t be beat. Features ruler on the top of the cooler for measuring fish.
CONS – Ice retention for the Grizzly Coolers has always been on the lower end. It is priced on the higher end as well. However, you can find online retailers that give good discounts which make it more affordable.
BOTTOM LINE – These coolers have cool sleek and ergonomic designs with some bells and whistles. Ice retention could be the deciding factor here but with its lightweight design and lifetime warranty it could very well be worth it.
SPECS – 4 Year Warranty & Made Overseas
PROS –  The Arizona based company had a good strategy when they came to market. They put out a cooler with an excellent price point and is very lightweight and easy to maneuver. For sportsman constantly on the go this could be a huge plus.
CONS – Thin walls and ice retention rates on the low end for these coolers. All lso, the handles and latches aren’t very rugged. The good news is that Canyon will replace these under their lifetime warranty. You will need this because  these can easily break.
BOTTOM LINE – If you are in the market for your first premium cooler this could be your low cost entry level cooler. While it serves it’s purpose there are some minor shortcuts to this cooler.
SPECS – 5-year warranty and made overseas
Unlike its sister cooler, the Frostbite R, the Icey-Tek Long Box has a way to go before it’s competitive in this crowd.
PROS – Priced low in the market while having relatively solid ice retention. You could find a good deal with online retailers which will drop the price even more.
CONS – Bottom of the pack in ice retention and ruggedness of the roto mold. The plastic is on the lower end and shows cracks when dropped.
BOTTOM LINE – If you are looking for an entry level premium cooler that won’t hurt your pocket book this could be the cooler for you. If you will just use it a 6-7 times throughout the year this could be the investment for you.
SPECS – 5 Year Warranty & Made in the USA
PROS – Good ergonomic design and thick walled cooler. Nice rugged latches and hinges. Owner has a lot of experience manufacturing and designing coolers.
CONS – Taiga is very new in the market so it remains to be seen if they could gain traction in the market. Long term wear on these coolers are unknown since they are new.
BOTTOM LINE – If you are looking for a solid color with ergonomic design this could be your cooler especially if you are in to trying new items in the market. We don’t think this would be a high risk or bad buy for you.
To conclude we hope that you found our reviews helpful. We did not review Yeti for a reason. As a consumer please do not fall into this marketing trap. There are far better coolers out there especially for the price. Thank you!