297Heres a deer hunting story. From the year 1970  {long before many here were out of diapers }

I was stationed in the navy in millington tenn . just after a tour of vietnam .My last few months before discharged .My service buddy and i had talked of deer hunting may times .I was avid bow hunter so was he .back then many people didnty hunt with bows that much .To see someone shooting a bow they would laugh to see a bow . Calling it a kids toy !.I had grown up in michigan as a boy free to run the woodlands and farms with my bow and arrows . My first deer was at age 6 . Like all young boys and men hunting was a way of life and top of the list for things to do after chores were done for evening .

My buddy and i took a week leave to drive to alabama to visit and hunt with hois grandfather on a small farm land .I had a fred bear super mag recurve with arrows –{still have it today with sales slip of 27.95 for bow and arrows as set } We arrived at farm . Settleing in for some good old fashion fixing so well know for the south. Staying up late talking about every thing from farming, To what we wanted to do now we were getting out of service . The topic changed to deer .

Stories were told . Ending up with lets go deer hiunting in the morning .Grand pa would tell of this g buck in the lower fields .It was set we would leave at sunup .grandpa with a  old 32 winchester and me a toy bow .

We sat in ground blind all moring eating apples .Throwing out cores for deer to eat . The morning dew would clear to show a few does and fawns .  As the sun rized to to mid afternoon we see an old buck with head down walking slowly toward us .His head down looking for a place to rest and veiw all around him till night fall .As the deer came in to blind closer grandpa asked me to shoot and if i missed he would shoot it himself . Laughing about this kids toy ! 20yds and one good arrow the buck was mine . The smile on grandpas face was priceless . His amasement to how effective a bow and arrow could be would be told in stories every deer season .

I still have deer mounted in my den as a  reminder of good times we spend with grandpa . Grandpa is gone now .This story is wrote to honor him. Yet most of all to thank him for my change to shoot this buck .I dont know how to score this buck .I douth i ever will . He is 30 inch wide acrossed the rack , 10 inch long thines , small brow thines ,  Between beans where they come together is 9 inchs