Every now and then i stand on my stool . Speaking  of subjects  that are needed to be said.

 Many years ago Walt Disney made a movie . Many that read this have seen or read about ” The Songs of the South”  A family movie at the time . It was banned from theaters for be racist . Animated characters named brer bear , brer fox ,brer rabbit .Not for getting the real reason to banned this movie . The tar baby.

Many may remember the restaurants of the south west areas . Known as “Little Black Sambos ” or just Sambos . A pancake /family restaurant  . Now renamed today as  “Denny’s” .

There was a book wrote of a small boy in India. Named Little Black Sambo. The story nothing to do with black cultures . Told of a little boy and his grand new  clothes . Telling of his walk into jungle . Giveing away all his clothes to tigers . Now banned from libriary of Congress

We all rembember seeing the signs in recruiting offices –Uncle Sam wants you !  I joined navy . Serving  in a war . Many men and women gave some . Many gave all . I gave some . I will forever honor these men and women  .They are what Americans stand for– Freedom !  Our new president Maybe doesnt believe in freedom ?

Today we see that it would be racisit to call our new Black President —Uncle Sam ? . Wouldnt it be ?  So I would think I need to be politically correct by saying that I could rename our president —-Uncle ream -Us !