Isolated iPhone 4 - Weather

No longer doomed to the boredom of perching in uncomfortable stands for hours on ends, today’s deer hunters enjoy a thoroughly technological approach to their craft. Some critics complain of new gadgets taking all the challenge out of hunting; however, when approached correctly, these tools can remove the usual discomfort while retaining the excitement of the hunt. More importantly, they make hunting accessible to a demographic once left out of the loop: young, techie professionals.

ActInNature Hunting App

A new social vibe now resides among young hunters, many of whom refuse to visit the woods on their own. This situation necessitates a joining of forces with small groups of outdoorsy types, carpooling to and hanging out at the designated hunting spot. But eventually, one or more members of your the may break off from the group, at which point, a tracking app could come in handy. Let the ActInNature iPhone app keep track of group members’ whereabouts via GPS. And at the low, low cast of nada, it’s quite the bargain — preventing the loss of a friend for free!

iHunt Journal App

In hunter education courses, students learn the importance of carefully assessing their surroundings. In the past, prospective hunters might’ve applied this recommendation through the use of a small notebook. Now, pen and paper are making way for iPhones, which makes note-taking easier, more accessible and far quieter than its outdated counterpart. Additionally, the $8.99 app is able to retrieve valuable information related to weather patterns, plus plenty of other factors capable of making or breaking the big hunt.

Digital Trail Cameras

A few deer hunting implements have yet to transition to the iPhone, in part, because such a move would be highly impractical. Such is the case for digital trail cameras, rare holdouts in a mobile age. Responsible for cluing hunters in on the current whereabouts of local bucks, these cameras offer supreme protection from the elements — and unlike iPhone cameras, can be left behind for extended periods of time. The Moultrie Panoramic can capture three distinctive images and combine them all into one crisp panoramic shot. Yes, it costs $255, but tech-junkie hunters would argue that this is a small price to pay for the vast photographic improvements, as compared to other trail camera models.

Gorilla Eye Trail Spy

The typical millennial hunter arrives in the woods with a group of friends and a generous supply of beer in tow, or, at minimum, a nice lineup of entertaining smartphone apps. Problem is, with all these distractions, it can be tough to keep focused on the task at hand: spotting, targeting and taking down deer. Fortunately, the distracted hunter now has a friend in the form of the Gorilla Eye Trail Spy. This gadget combines a pivoting tree bracket with a wireless remote in order to locate game and, of course, alert hopelessly distracted hunters.