willaims-caribou-001301Long ago . The early 1970’s after i was discharged from navy .I married my first wife  Mary . She was an Nes pirece indian from washington state . I adopted William as my own when he was 6 months old . Willaims back ground of a tribe of great archers from horse back .  His skills would show in years to come .

All my 11 children are good archers in thier own right . William is the best . He took to archery very quickly in age.  His skills showed boldy from day one . I had promised him that i would take him Caribou hunting when he turn 16 . This story tells of that day.

I had early in years taken a very nice Caribou . Very wide and many points . Double shovel . A good trophy for any archer.  William would say to me that he would some day shoot one bigger than mine . I told him that i would pay to have it mounted –The deal was set !

William and i set out for our father and son one week trip . To a place called Caribou Creek  {i named my archery shop after and the family homestead still sits today. This  would mark over 25 years of hunting this area for me  . I took my handle here as caribou creek also . 

Early fall weather in alaska is beautiful .A  great time to hunt . We would travel up Hicks Creek to Caribou Creek over 30 miles with 3 wheelers, To where we set up first camp .Willaim had seen many Caribou the first few days . Only none as big as he had wished for . Like a good hunter . He turned down what he felt were bad shots or to small . We moved farther up Caribou Creek . To a dirt runway that i wrecked my plane years earlier. {another story to be told here– A pilots night mare–  } . William was up early one morning watching the masses of Caribou move up the canyon. It is hard for some people to picture this many Caribou in one herd today . I hear Willaim say theres the one Dad !  Ok lets move in closer .

We waded the creek to set up ambush . The wind was right.  We needed to be aware of wind changes so commonly known for this area  of the valley. William readied his bow . I had given him a Fred Bear Grizzly model for his birthday . We set up spotting scope for better view of this Caribou .The caribou was standing with head down resting as fly’s and bugs were driving him crazy . As we watched i could see a bee trying to get the better half of this Caribou . One fast second the Caribou was moveing . The bee had bite him . He was head for more open areas now .This caribou was headed straight for us now . At 20 yds now . Willaim looks to me for the ok . It was his choice . The arrow finds its mark true  to the mark . The work has now started.

After pictures and hand shakes a few slaps on the back . One real happy son and a very proud father . I looked at Williams Caribou now knowing my bet was safe .We got to lodge  calling  home with news that William had got his caribou . He  could fill freezer for our family winter meat supply .

Now my caribou is wide .So wide that we had to turn it around and side ways to fit into door way .Takeing door off hinges also . Just to fit into my den .We get home william jumps out of truck grabs his anthers and runs into house to compare with my Caribou .Wiliam just stood there .The look was priceless .For he had helped years before to get my mount into the  house He  knew how much work we did that day . He knew his caribou was now smaller . A trophy animal is in the eys of the beholder .I had his caribou mounted and hangs today in my den .

My son has moved away and has family of his own now .I see him every now and then. We talk of  another Hunt together. We’ ll get together soon dad!.  —And the cats in the cradle …..

Parents hold your cards close . Your children closer . Time flies faster than any arrow you or i will ever shoot .