We find humor in our freinds .The stories that we tell can or  will embarrass the parties in question every time .In a good way .

A number of years ago .I had a small archery shop –Caribou Creek Archery –Being just  a small shop .Fulfilling needs of traditional archers.I had many custom build bows from about every bowyer that was worth his salt . I build arrows and strings sold new and used bows .There was a small range 2oyds .More like just a long hallway leading to back door out side . It gave people a place to try bows . Just for extra room i would Hang bows on the wall for display .

One day my freind came in with a bow he  just bought a a pawn shop  .I sold martin bows /equiptment . So when Dave came in with his bow .I looked it over . A martin hatfield take down recurve #70. It had the same rizer that the martin wart hog  .  Big !  It  didnt fit well in the hand .

Thinking that the bow was a little over poundage .Way to much bow to shoot every day. After shooting it . I found it to be smooth . I was surprized that it drew back easy with no stacking  . It felt good to hold in your hands .Release was smooth as i had ever shot . This i did find common for most martin bows .

Dave couldnt wait to shot this bow .He stepped up to the range .Picket out and arrow . Drew back –Now Dave is a very good archer Shoots compounds Very well ! As all compound shooter they expect let off half way thru the draw .This leads to a number of mistakes that makes this story Good .

Dave draws back this bow . Expecting let off . The bow draw wieght is a little more than he did expect Pus he was expecting the let for some unknown reason . Half way thru draw he releases the arrow .The arrow  falls off the rest.  Shots down the hallway . Hitting the light switch . The rest of the lights  come on .Blinding us to what had happened .

The arrow had followed the wall down range –Now my new and used bows hang on this wall !  The arrow hits the lower limb of a bow hanging there and sticks . It took a minute to figure out what had happened . I turn saying  to dave ! If you wanted a new bow !  All you had to do was ask me !  We joked . Dave being the butt of the joke was embarassed . I did give Dave the bow as a gift  .Mounted on a frame work with arrow still sticking out of lower limb . Inscribed are  the words –To my best freind Dave –The worlds greatest  ” Bow Shooter ”

I write of many freinds .I have a number of them with name of Dave . I dont know why ?  Freinds are freinds to the end .They do seem to hear and answer to what ever names i do call them .