I wrote this story many years ago for Fathers day . Dont really know if this belongs here ?  Each Year at this time i feel the same way . Maybe it time we spend with family ? Maybe it time lost ?

I left home at early age.  My father who i had a love  hate relationship with over the years .Kept me away. Only to find myself wanting to put our lives back together –only i couldnt till 5 years before my father died . This story tells of . Time spend toether and time lost .

From the day i was born .I followed my father with wonder of this new world i was born .As time pasted i would follow my father into the woods for the first day of deer season . Slowly he would teach me about every leaf ,flower and track .

Hunting was a way of life for us . Work was hard to come by . Money was  even harder . Liveing on my grand fathers farm. This was the only help we had . See !  There was no welfare .You didnt hear for state aid. My father was hurt in an work accident that left him out of work and unable to care for his family . He drank and i was the end of his anger at the world at times. I learned early to just stay out of his way . 

For ever wanting to know more of my father . Wanting his love more everyday . I would go back to see if we could find each other –I couldnt . Time would show me why my father was this way towards me . Now to this day i understand. My father is gone . All the times we could have shared are gone  .  Time is lost forever . 

My archery years were formed by my uncle and father .They would build long bows from choice woods. Hand fletched arrows .This is the true meaning of archery and hunting to me. Ive hunted with long bow for more years than i can remember. With same feelings that i was taught at a very early age . My skills would be honed by teachings of some of the best archers .We only can read about today.

I have been honored to hunt with these great men that Have passed away .Each leaving their archery skills and knowledge in my hands to teach others . I lost my uncle at a very early time in my life . His teachings are with me every day .I miss him . Along with all the rest of my mentors .Each equaly .The one i miss the most is my father . Each fathers day i read this letter i wrote to him before he died {aug 6th  2005 }

In this letter you will see how much he meant to me at a time to late to recover lost years . It does show a very good mentor that has shaped my life today . I had restored an old motorcycle and dedicated this restoration to him. Along with this letter

To my earthly father :

I deicate this restoration of thos motorcycle to you . Restored with knowledge learned from you in my youth .With guidance of knowing hands . Te able to seek knowledge ,Find wisdom , Forever find beauty and good in all works.

I did find out the hard way the the road to Hell is Paved with good intentions . Only after long troubled years of searching for what ever i never found . Because it  wasnt there to start with . The one visit i had with you last year .You showed me the way back from Hell –Was only through Humilitly !

So for the  years of teaching me Were remembered .You did touch my heart as a father would only dream of for his son .Not to late to finish this project or to find each other in Christ our Lord.

We can smile a little thinking of the motorcycle we restored in my youth together .Thses dreams were of a young mans first motorcycle . A fathers dream for doing something together with son . Some how seeing beauty In this project not seen by others .As we both take this trip back in time .we remember all good things ,We cry , laugh a lot . Being so ever happy that all things do work out in time . Time does heal all things .We found that we were guided by faith ,hope and love .Love being the greatest of all

We both would have never guessed our lifes were so close from the day i was born .We now this day see it clearly .Our lifes intertwined .Ever so close . Yet so far apart . Strangers at arms lenght. Each knowing so much of each other.  Yet not seeing the truth that kept us together . Two totaly differnt people . Father and Son  . Each trying Hard not to let the other conquer the other   . Wanting to be their own person yet not wanting the truth to show that kept us together .Each not wanting to show feelings for love ,honor ,respect .fearing that we would hurt each others feelings in some small  way . Some where in time i know we failed greatly .Only we together found out our pride was our down fall .

It wasnt till we both accepted the total love or our heavely father .He would teach us both where we were wrong in many ways About each other .

Ive learned more about life in the jaws of death than on my knees in prayer .Sometimes the hard way is better learned ?  There is a greater calling for us . These lessons are to strengthen our lives .Forever helping us to be able to face each day and each other .The punshment for our transgretions where the many years of wondering ,looking and never finding each other . Unknowing  ? Seeking the right hand of God . Too many years lost forever .Only to be found today in one heart beat .Or maybe three –I love you !.

We greet each other with open arms .Imbrace each other .Hearts warmed over with feelings of love for each other .

We both must  remember. Nor forget . That we are not measured by –How much we Love —-only by how much we are loved by others .

Your loveing son, Harold


As add on to this letter. I put together and picture frame of pictures of my father and  i together in life .This shows projects together ,boats airplanes ,Log cabins . Every day in our life caught on film . Each tells its own story of the time. As you look at the frame of pictures you will see crack in glass .You will wonder why i did repair this ?  The crack is for the tears shed of  lost years we could have had . You will see picture missing in the center of frame . The missing picture is missing years we could have shared . These pictures are the only thing he left to me when he died. Or ? Did he leave me  more i cant find now ?  Yet in my life to find later.  As i need to with my sons and daughters . So we will not make this mistake twice.