Winter time in alaska sets the stage for arm chair stories .Guides ,pilots ,hunters alike .All can tell of the seasons adventures . Sit back and relax !

This is true story that happened to my cousin and myself .

A number of years ago the State of Alaska pulled money out of their a–ss to let forest service repair trails and build new ones. Long over due .

Where you have people .You have bears ! no way around it . As much as people try to clean up after themselves there are a few bad apples . A few choice dumb sh–its to keep news papers in print with bears attacks . This story takes place in seward alaska .The year 1985 .I was working with my cousin doing flooring and carpet service . After work at night we would walk the forest service trails looking for bears . Bears do follow trail of least resisdance.

The week before There was a lady cook at one of the remote forest service camps attacked by a black bear. The lady was ok . Had to change her pants . She would wipe her hands off on her pants while cooking  Ha Ha ! got you! you thought thre beaers scared her so bad she need to change her pants . Well maybe so ? As normal the bear was shot for the bad habits of man !

As weeks worked into months the bears were getting braver .The forest service put up signs at trail heads –The signs would read .”please leave Name ,Address and phone number of next to kin before useing this trail “. Botton line too many bears had hear the dinner bells at the many camps the forest service had .

One week end we rode the horse’e into martin creek . 15 mile up trail to a heloicopter pad . This was to be a good area to stake out horse’s yet be able to watch them while hunting . The landing pad was 300yds round . Nice grass ..good idea for feeding horse’s and camp ?  This place was build to cut down on bears in area plus for hauling out garbage .They even  tagged bears to  moved them out to other areas . Maybe it was good plan ?

we rode to this camp on a beautiful fall day,  As i stepped out of the saddle to walk the area . I heard watch out from behind. Drew my rifle from scabber all in one quick moment  .Things in alaska happen fast ! first bear was coming in fast shooting three times a moveing target is hard to hit in bushy area .My cousin was relaoding getting  ready for the next bear busting out of bushes .To run the other way .I turned horse’s lose ,I was on one knee with another bear at 30 yds dead .my cousin hads yet another bear down with one shot .

Still jumpy from trying top calm horse’s  all hell cut lose  One more bear was in 55 gal drum looking at us , 2 more bears were in garbag pit looking at us at 20 yds and moveing in closer for better look  at all the noise and the horse’s.I shot the bear in the drum  Then turned and shot one coming close Bob busted the first one it had stopped dead at his feet  Mine bear ran off 50 yards Balling loudly as you would thingk 5 bears were dieing !

Both of us stand hard back to back relaoding . the horse’s wer used to rifle shots ,,But not bears that was another story .. the horse’s were off and running down trail for home . My rider and cousins were prttey good about standing,not running off leaving me .I rode off to catch the other horse”s before they got 15 milesd down the trail ..Then i hear 2 more shots .I had caught the horse’s by now and headed back to camp .As i rode back into area where the battle had started my cousin had one more bear down  as we were shotting one bear ran up a tree thonking he was asfe .I rode off and the bear felt safe to come down my cousin was still jumpy ..Hell ! so was i  Not all bear hunting is like this in alaska .You will not find bears behind every bush ! We now had 6 bears down within a 5o yd area .

We both agreed that this was a case of people not cleaning up after them selves of waste and food while working the trails . AS we left area we wondered if we buried the remains of these bears deep enough? All the gut piles where burned plus buries deep .So any one comeing into this camp wouldnt be surprised as we were .I have taken many bears from this area from bait stands.  It has been 25 years now since any reports of bear maulings in nthis area ..So may be after the shoot out at martin creek with 6 of the bruin brothers dead . Maybe there was a new sheriff in town?